Wanna Get To The Wisborough?

Wanna Get To The Wisborough?

Wanna get to The Wisborough?

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Wanna get to The Wisborough?

Put off by paying over the odds to get to destination pubs?

Join our pub club! A dedicated mini bus will get you there!

We have some wonderful pubs in the area but sadly, being in a rural area, we are somewhat lacking in public transport options.

The solution?

We're putting together a West Sussex Pub Club! You can have access to our 16 seater minibus, plus driver, to transport you and your friends to and from any pub of your choice in the area (although, dare we say, The Wisborough would be the destination of choice). All it will cost you for the trip is the cost of the petrol (and perhaps a pint of water for the driver).

To make this happen, we need to raise some funds to purchase our pub club minibus, and that's where you come in. For every donation made, you'll automatically qualify as a member of our pub club and have access to the minibus for all your pub transport needs.



1) You donate £100 and become a member of the club. Donations are made via our crowdfunding page which can be found over there on the left <---

2) Once we reach our target, we send our vehicle expert out to purchase the pub club minibus

3) Once we have our vehicle, bookings can be made and transport can be arranged!

We want to arrange affordable group transport to the pub and to all the wonderful events in our area. Hickstead? Goodwood? Cowdray? No longer a logistical nightmare if you join our club!

And for businesses which would like to benefit - the bigger the donation, the bigger the logo on the side of our van.

Questions? Please let us know! westsussexpubclub@gmail.com