Wanikin Grammar school -urgent re-build needed

This is a live secondary school where children are taught with no roof , no windows , hardly any chairs and tables . Help us to help them !!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
 Hello People
I would like to appeal to you re the above video showing  live secondary school based in Ile ife, a small town in Nigeria where ( believe it or not ) pupils attend school there .
The video was what prompted me to get a local friend to visit the school . The pictures he sent look even worse than what is seen in the video.
I cannot see how children can attend and learn anything at this school.Yet they do . But run home when its raining with wet clothes.
I am therefore asking for you to join me to make a decent place of education there .
We are blessed for our children to have attended good and decent schools .
Lets give back as thanksgiving.
we are looking to :
(a)Replace the roof sheeting.
(b) Buy tables and chairs
(c)Paint the walls
(d) Cement level the floor
(e) cut the grass
(f) Add wooden  windows
If there is any of these that you want to sponsor individually or as a group , kindly donate to the below just giving site  , even if its £20 - it will make a difference .
Thank you for your generosity .
These are the times when i wish i knew a very rich philanthropist !
God bless