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Started on 7th November 2020 Surbiton, England, United Kingdom

The COVID pandemic has changed the way of life for people all over the world. Here in the U.K we are entering our second national lockdown and many of us are facing a long month at home. In Malawi however, right now there are hundreds of children who are unable to go to school because they don't have access to a mask.

African Vision Malawi, a charity set up by Heather Palmer, has so far had requests for 499 masks for orphan and vulnerable children who are currently not allowed to return to school because they don't have one. At just £1 each, we believe that together Singology and friends can help to raise money for these masks, and get these children back to their classrooms!

We are lucky we can walk, run or cycle.  Many people in AVM catchment area are disabled and left sitting at home.  AVM are helping them to become independent by providing prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs .  Any additional funds after providing the masks will go to supporting people with disabilities.

We are not simply asking you to donate though ...

It's so important that we take care of our own physical and mental health over these next few weeks of  national lockdown, and so we are asking you all to pledge to walk (or run, cycle, hop, skip ...!) one or two miles every day from now until 2nd December 2020. Together we hope to cover 7000 miles - the distance to Malawi, as we walk to virtually deliver the masks together!

To take part simply fill in the form below and let us know how many miles you're pledging to walk! At the end of the lockdown we hope that this commitment will have helped you to stay mentally and physically healthy - and you'll know you've done something great for those in need!

You can invite others to sponsor you, or you can simply make a donation yourself at the end. Every little bit of money helps, £1 allows one child to go to school!

At the end of the lockdown period we'll get in touch with you to ask how you got on with your challenge. We won't ask you to provide any evidence that you kept up with your walks, but we hope you'll see this good cause as motivation to get out there! So lets get walking!

Register your place at the link below and ask people to donate funds to this page. 


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