Walk from Paignton UK to Sydney Australia

by Walk Paignton UK to Sydney Australia in Paignton, England, United Kingdom

Walk from Paignton UK to Sydney Australia


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I am trying to raise awareness and money for child abuse and neglect, clean drinking water and the environment.

by Walk Paignton UK to Sydney Australia in Paignton, England, United Kingdom


My name is Lauren West. I am planning to walk from Paignton UK to Sydney Australia as soon as I raise enough funds to do so. It will supposedly take between 4 and 6 years. I plan on having a budget of £20 per day.

The cost of this will cover living expenses for 6 years at £20 per day is £43800, then £6200 for emergencies.

The inspiration for my journey is my love for my kids. I would like to show them I will walk to the end of the Earth for them. No strings attached, I expect nothing in return from them.

Also my friend said why don’t you double the amount and give half to charity. So now I am trying to raise £100000. The breakdown is £50000 to charity and £50000 living costs.

The following charities will get £20000 to Wateraid, £10000 to Save the Children, £10000 to Unicef, £5000 to RSPCA and £5000 to World Land Trust. 

I will be travelling the following route.

UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia.

I will fly home for 1 year when I get to Ankara in the centre of Turkey and will then fly to India and start walking from New Delhi. The reason for this is to spend time with my family half way through. Also I am flying to India instead of back to Turkey because I am missing out doing war zones. Also when I get to Singapore I will fly from there to Darwin in Australia and walk down the east coast to Sydney.

If I take a detour by public transport to say a hospital or landmark I will start walking from the point I finished walking and got on the transport. I won’t be cutting corners but for some reasons may have to detour and start again from where I left off.

I also intend to go home for 2 weeks every Christmas to see my family.

Any questions please ask.

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