Walk For Widecombe

Help create a new accessible, practical, welcoming community building for the people of Widecombe and their future generations.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 3:45pm 20th September 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 3:45pm 20th September 2018

A Devon community needs your help! The people of Widecombe-in-the-Moor welcome 1000s of tourists over the summer but when the last of the visitors have gone they leave behind a community of people who are in real need of a new village hall. They're making do at the moment with a hard-to-heat, inaccessible room but a new hall will provide facilities and opportunities within the village for the entire community, helping them to come together and thrive all year round and for generations to come. 

They've got amazing plans for groups and services from babies to older people but they need help to raise the money to build it. 

No more freezing cold groups and impossible access for wheelchairs and buggies - let's give back to this community that's welcomed all of us for many-a-summer!

LOVE Devon

Devon Communities Together's LOVE Devon campaign is about supporting communities and projects throughout Devon because we love our county and the people who live here and visit us. It's a fantastic way for the public to show their support for a wide range of community causes, the first being Widecombe's new village hall project, which is also the featured project of our inaugural LOVE Devon fundraising event, Walk for Widecombe (more on that below...!).

A bit more about Widecombe

Widecombe’s current community  building is the National Trust-owned Church House which although  picturesque and much-loved, is not accessible, has limited parking and  is difficult to keep warm. That’s why in the last year, a group of  enthusiastic community members have come together to begin the process  of developing a new hall that will provide a fantastic facility for the whole community to enjoy for generations to come. The community have already done so much themselves but now they need our support!

Yvette Elliott of the  Widecombe Village Hall Committee explains: “Right from the start we knew  that if we were to start developing plans for a new community building,  the impetus and the decisions must be community-driven. We needed the  community to confirm to us there is a need for a new facility and tell  us what they would want from it.

With the support of Devon  Communities Together the team has been engaging with the community via  surveys and studies, which have indeed indicated a real appetite for a  new building and the committee has recently won funding to work with  architects on the potential new site selection and building design.

“There’s  a real hunger and excitement for this,” added Yvette. “We’ve got so  many ideas on the table for youth groups, fitness clubs, a separate  meeting room we can hire out, a new pre-school space, health surgeries –  we want the whole community to have their say and benefit from it.  That’s why it’s so exciting to have the support of this LOVE Devon Walk  for Widecombe event. It’s an opportunity for the wider community to come  together, enjoy a fun day out and support our local cause. We can’t wait!”

Walk for Widecombe

Walk for Widecombe will take place on Sunday 16th September and will take the form of an 6 or 2 mile sponsored walk or 12 mile horse ride into the iconic Dartmoor village, where there will be a host of fun family activities to welcome the walkers, riders and their families. All funds raised by the walkers and riders will go towards the Widecombe-in-the-Moor village hall project. There will also be an accessible, shorter route for those who don't wish to do the full course. 

To register to walk or ride, visit www.devoncommunities.org.uk/walk-widecombe or email info@devoncommunities.org.uk. More information about the arrangements for the day, the route etc may be found on the website. 

Anybody who would like to donate some money towards this wonderful cause can do so here - it doesn't matter whether you're coming to the Walk for Widecombe event. Please give what you can!

The proposed site of the new hall

Find out more

For more information on the Walk for Widecombe event and to register to take part, email info@devoncommunities.org.uk or call 01392 248919.

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