Waking Beauty comes to London

Waking Beauty comes to London

Help the Minerva Collective bring Waking Beauty to London.

We did it!

On 12th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £810 of £800 target with 17 supporters in 21 days

Hello from the Minerva Collective! We are a new theatre company formed by Daisy Hale, Fiona Kingwill, Leigh Douglas, and Martha Godfrey we are unified by a belief in the same artistic work and worldly outlook and we hope you might be able to offer us some sponsorship support.


Mission Statement:

We are united by a belief in theatre as a platform for social change and are committed to giving voice to stories and experiences of the young women of today. We hope, through our work, to draw the attention of the wider community to issues affecting young women and we hope that through our shared age demographic and gender with the women we represent we will be able to portray those issues with an immediacy, authenticity and sensitivity which others cannot. 

Likewise, there remains a gender imbalance in the writing cannon and the theatre establishment. Our theatres are still largely dominated by male voices. This was clearly evidenced by the Waking the Feminists movement in Dublin this year, in which women around Ireland condemned their national theatre, The Abbey, for featuring only one play written by a women in their 1916 centenary program, Waking the Rebellion, despite the key role women played in the 1916 Rising which has been largely written out of history. It was therefore important to us that our first project was staged in Dublin earlier this year.

The Project:

We are currently working towards bringing our first professional production, Waking Beauty, by Leigh, into a new stage of research and development. It was selected to be performed in the Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival in May where it received positive critical feedback and was nominated for The Sean Meehan Award for Outstanding Contribution to Gender and Identity as well as the award for Best Actress, for one of our wonderful actors, Gabrielle Sheppard.

The show has been selected to transfer to The Oval House, London to go into their supported research and development programme, First Bites, for a five performance run commencing the 13th July.

The play is a fairy tale. But it is a fairy tale that tells a different story. Stories are powerful. Inside many women are girls who were taught that they will find their happy ending when a man decides they are pretty and choses love them above other women. The fairy tale princess is a cultural symbol of the female ideal. Young girls are presented with ideal of romantic love through the fairy story. As children, we internalise these values. We are taught that only heterosexual romantic love is acceptable and one must engage in heterosexual romantic love in order to represent the ideal of femininity. When a young woman’s experiences do not fit into the narratives that have been ingrained in her psyche since childhood, it can be a barrier to self-acceptance. Waking Beauty seeks to expand the inclusivity of the fairy tale to represent and honour other stories. To create a more inclusive society, we have to give the voice to previously invisible heroes in our folklore. Waking Beauty is a coming of age fairytale for the twenty-first century that imagines what happens when we reclaim our princesses.

The play received its initial performance when it was selected to represent the University of York in the 2015 Inter-University Drama Festival. Not Cricket Productions took the play into further development, adding it to the company’s three show Edinburgh Fringe Festival program in August 2015 where it was based as part of an installation space in the C-Nova. There, Waking Beauty received 5* reviews: "It approached some very real topics which Disney-fied stories so rarely look at: what it means to love someone" *****- Fringe Guru, "endlessly inventive" - Fringe Review, "emotional maturity to this work that puts it above many other fairy tale retellings" **** -Broadway Baby, "compelling"- Scotsman. Responses were equally as positive in our most recent trip to The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival: “A marvelous performance, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats all the way…If only all fairytales were this way inclined” **** - The Outmost.

Why We Need You:

In order for us to use this opportunity with The Oval house to its full potential, we need to raise a minimum of £1924. It is important to us that as a company striving to influence equality, we maintain this within our own standards by paying all those we engage in our work fairly. We have been  gain £500 investment from The Oval House, as they feel confidence in our work, which will be spent in creating a much more elaborate set design than we could take to Ireland. As such our budget for our London run looks as such:

Oval House Budget




A5 flyers



Lighting Gels






Large Plastic tubes (set)



LX Tape



Voile Fabric (Set)




3 cans


Hair + Make Up






Creative fees

4 x 300














In 2016 arts budgets have been cut and funding for a new company doing its first production is next to non-existent. For this reason, we ask you to be generous enough to sponsor us, with however much or little is possible for you, as little as £10 will buy a prop, £300 would ensure us being able to pay a cast member entirely fairly.

As such you will be helping to found a company who have a commitment to making positive change, making arts and social issues accessible for all. We hope that by making the most of this opportunity at The Oval House, where we will be working to offer support to LGBTQ young people groups and young females, we can create a strong platform to move forward with our company onto new projects. But we cannot get to that stage without your help.

If you support us, we will thank you publicly on our website and other media platforms. You will be thanked in our programmes and we will keep you exclusively updated on how the show is progressing. You will also receive a personal thank you video from the entire cast and crew.

Come join the collective. Thank you for your support, Daisy, Leigh, Fiona and Martha.

Alternatively, as this page is run by a third party company which will take a percentage of your donation, you can request our bank account details to make a direct donation.

All funds will are carefully controlled by our producer Daisy and we make a commitment to showing you how your money is being spent for the good of the company and our cause.

You can find us at www.minervatheatre.com, on twitter at @minervatheatre and on Facebook at The Minerva Collective. 

Thank you!


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