VW Campervan Photobooth by Reload Wedding Services

VW Campervan Photobooth by Reload Wedding Services

A Campervan photobooth?! That's CRAZY!! yeah.. but will make some peoples occasion truly magical!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Every bride, groom, birthday boy/girl & event planner wants to have a memorable party that stands out from all the rest!

And every guest who has been to one of the above occasions over the last few years has heard the squeals of joy and laughter as the guests enjoy the now obligatory photobooth.

But we have decided that we would like to create a niche that will leave your guests astounded at your originality....quirky.... funky  side with our "VW Camper" Photobooth!

The Background

Reload Wedding Services have been providing brides, groom, party planners and party goers with nights of fun and laughter for the last 18 months and now we want to take it to the next level by adding a photobooth to our services. There was one problem though. EVERYONE does photobooths now don't they? The same style booths... same props... been there... done that... had a giggle.


The Idea

What if we told you though that we wanted to convert a camper style vehicle into our photobooth though?

What if we said that our photobooth would be so perfectly sized that instead of being outside it could actually fit into your party room if you wanted?

If you so wished and wanted to give your guests a big surprise you could even be driven into the hotel room room inside it before it then is transformed into our photo booth....

What do we need?

We are looking to secure just £4500 of funding to make this dream a reality. Any and all donations are more than welcome.

This will enable us to purchase and a suitable vehicle and then complete a professional conversion so that we can provide our guests with the premium and unforgettable experience that will make their special day truly magical.

As a thank you for supporting us...

Whilst we appreciate any and all support we are offering a number of rewards for some of our biggest supporters.

If you support for £50 you will receive 10% OFF a future booking.

If you support us for £150 you will receive 25% OFF