Of Life

by Sarah Hickson in Porto, , Portugal

Of Life
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To fund my residency and materials at a temporary art studio in Porto where I will stay for one month. Producing an exhibition of vulva art.

by Sarah Hickson in Porto, , Portugal

My idea has been for a while to collect various images of vulva, either live or via photograph. I started drawing vulva and now I cannot stop. I find not so many sources with instruction on how to draw vulva so I am self taught. 

I have the intention of creating a collection of large vulva images, the greater the diversity in vulva the better as the number of labiaplastic surgery increases, a calling for natural labia and female genitalia to be available for all to see is needed. I am using the medium of art and my passion for creation as a way to express the calling for a new vision of how we see ourselves and how we express our sexuality. There is no right or wrong way and I see so much airbrushing, unreal proportions to bodies and an increasing need to alter ones image I want to let all know that its okay to be yourself! The labia is so beautiful I want her to been seen naturally in all her glory. 

My plan is to stay for one month in an artist residential and collect and create a number of original pieces of art from anybody who has a vulva. I will exhibit these art pieces combined with a story from the model herself. I plan on making greetings cards and a gender neutral poster including the whole genital anatomy as far as I know with pleasure and health tips. And of course glorious imagery! This is the beginning steps of a deep passion of mine and I know I will see this become a reality. Help me to spread the joy of vulva and all the delicious mysterious aspects.

I will do my very best to capture her essence and I know her beauty and grace is reachable, she opens to all and loves unconditionally. She is the mother of our life. Blessings.

The funds that I raise will be spent on my Rent for the residency which is 30%. 20% on my basic needs for the month. and a huge 50% on artist materials which includes, canvas, paint, greetings cards and screen printing materials and poster design and printing. 

Know that any live models I use will receive 20% income on any original artwork sold and another 10% will go to a charity supporting feminine health and empowerment in my local area. So please get involved!! 

All sharers of generosity will receive 20% discount on the poster. Just send me your email after you have donated. 

Much love and thank you! x

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