VRiLLLA is a high tech, educational game for anyone that wants to learn a new language. Desktop or Mobile. Virtual reality is not required.

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VRiLLLA is an acronym:

"Virtual Reality integrated, Lucid Language Learning Application"


What Does VRiLLLA Do?

VRiLLLA is a high tech, educational game for anyone that wants to learn a new language.

VRiLLLA is built for virtual reality, however it works the same as a standard flat screen game (FPS) when no virtual reality device is detected. So you don't need virtual reality to use VRiLLLA.

My prototype supports 6 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Romanian.

VRiLLLA is an app for everyone to learn and practise their language skills in up to 6 languages on any device, mobile, pad, laptop or desktop, with or without access to virtual reality hardware.

I am pitching for crowd funding because I would like to add more languages support and other features for the first release than my development budget will currently stretch to. I also hope to collect  feedback on my project and to grow brand and product awareness pre-release.

PC Release first RRP £24.99, followed by the simplified mobile version for google cardboard control limitations RRP £4.99.

If you pledge £2 now and you will get both desktop and mobile versions on release in exchange for your £2 pledge.

Help me add more features and languages and pledge your support!


Why Virtual Reality?

Have you ever noticed that you learn a language faster when you immerse yourself in it by staying in the countries that speak it?

Well thanks to VR there's no need anymore to break your piggy bank when you want the more visceral learning experience. Try immersing yourself in VRiLLLA, our VR interactive, lucid  language learning app.

Visit a Spanish beach or French rural farmer's market and interact, practice and learn, whilst having fun, without even leaving your room.


You already have a Demo?

Yes. That is VRiLLLA running on the Oculus CV1 VR headset in our video at the top of the page!

VRiLLLA can dynamically load language learning exercises with spoken character audio questions, followed by multiple choice potential answers that are delivered in the user's native language, this way you can stay perpetually immersed in the listening, reading and interactive elements which should help reduce your overall learning time.

VRiLLLA has 6 languages: English (UK), French, Spanish, German, Russian & Romanian. You can select any of these languages as either your native language (written answers) or desired language (audio questions) and experience VRiLLLA from any linguistic parabola. Learn 6 languages in Virtual Reality.. Now in any direction.. with a single VR app.

Learn 6 languages through immersive sensory driven interactions in virtual reality on desk or mobile.

 Screen grab of VRiLLLA running on our Oculus CV1

VRiLLLA already uses a completely dynamic question and answer system which works with each of the 6 native languages available in app as well as complete audios for both genders for all speech in all 5 audio languages, with the English audio recording currently in progress. We also want to expand on our open world, gamified approach to language learning.

Recording a different audio file for both genders in each of the 6 languages and then translating written questions, along with written answers will require the bulk of our budget. Content is what drives VRiLLLA , so the more of it the better.


The History of VRiLLLA

VRiLLLA has been around a while, below is a time line of it's development so far.


So why do you need Crowdfunder?

If VRiLLLA is able to reach it's funding target we will include approximately 500 - 1000 audio questions with translated written text answers for each of the 6 current languages! Right now it only has 50 questions and answer sets for each of the 6 languages.


Gamified Language Learning

Our language learning experience is centered around something called "gamification". In VRiLLLA interactive virtual environments, you are able to listen to characters speak and choose appropriate responses from written multiple choice answers in the your native language. You are awarded "XP" points for correct answers and you lose previously acquired "XP" points for incorrect answers. The questions increase in difficulty as your character rises in XP points total, which are collected per session and added to a running total for profile.

We would ike to add another type of interactive excerise where the user may even find themselves being asked to locate a specific item, such as a bottle of wine or food item from another scene, like a shop or gamified environment.

Ideally our users' experience will extend to talking back and being graded on the phonemic accuracy of their spoken response while in virtual reality.


Advanced Levels

Before you can continue, we must check your elocution. Please say: "VRiLLLA's Gorilla eats Vanilla Chinchillas", as fast as you can, five times over into your VR Microphone  :P

Natural slurs in speech are accentuated when words or phrases are repeated, over and over, as fast as possible. Cosequently, tongue twisters can help draw your attention to where your pronunciation is weakest. We are hoping to add these as advanced tests that will be specific to each language, if VRiLLLA is able to raise it's funding and stretch goals.


Use Your standard Xbox Controller.

Although VRiLLLA also works with mouse and keyboard on PC as well as xbox controller, we also offer a simplified control version for mobile Cardboard VR Bluetooth controller devices, such as Laserbeak.

VRiLLLA is unlike any other language learning experience. It leverages the immersive factor of VR to take you into beautifully animated, interactive environments in such a way as to properly utilise the brain's lateral sensory reinforcement, to learn languages faster and more effectively.

You see as you hear, and you react; the environment responding with your next learning challenge.


Animated Interactive Characters

In each environment, you can interact with fully motion capture animated human characters, which are AI driven. These characters respond differently, depending on the situation, your XP level and acquired VRiLLLA skills.

Archery Mini Game
Archery Mini Game


VR Cross-Platform

This application works cross-platform on all major desktop VR devices and we have a separate build for VR ready mobile devices that run Google Cardboard.


Itemised Cost Assessment

The budget will be spent primarliy on production and development respectively. The cost break down between these two largest critical spends will be soley attributed to creating recordings of native speakers and out sourcing text translation to 3rd party services specialised in each language.


"Content is King" for this VRiLLLA!

Ideally VRiLLLA will have 500 - 1000 hard coded questions on RC1 launch, with the ability to download additional content from online servers for further expansions.
VRiLLLA random, or dynamic each time you play, but this kind of system also needs enough question and answer content to provide a reasonable level of immersive depth and therefore maximum ongoing product value to you the customer.

 Screen grab of VRiLLLA running on our Oculus CV1



VRiLLLA's first stretch goal is to add "speech-to-text" recognition to allow users the unique opportunity of practising their actual conversation in their chosen language in virtual reality.  After that's nestled happily amongst the existing VRiLLLA code, there are some other things we would love to add in to VRiLLLA as stretch goals:

The Ultimate stretch goal is to make VRiLLLA multi-user, so that a user in Spain and a user in America can sit in the same French restaurant and interact via avatar-driven emotive animations, such as waving or just talking to each other via streaming audio, while they complete their language learning exercises in VR, in real time.


Do feed the VRiLLLA!

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