VR/ Art performance part of 48 Stunden Neukolln

VR/ Art performance part of 48 Stunden Neukolln

First exhibit of a progressive art project for an Arts Festival in Berlin pushing boundaries of performance, audience and Virtual Reality.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

To finish a 3 month residency at SomoS, Berlin I will be exhibiting a new piece of work, 'Will you Hold Me or Just Watch?'. It combines performance, installation, film and Virtual Reality and will be part of a group exhibition 'Neues Dasein' at 48 Stunden Neukolln attracting large numbers of visitors from across the city.  The project involves a team of 4 dancers, 3 sound artists/musicians and a 3d animator. 

This will be my first major work in Berlin at the largest independent festival of arts in Berlin. For 48 hours the district of Neukölln is transformed into a place where artistic experimentation is fostered. The group show 'Neues Dasein- Virtual Reality and New Ways of Being' where four international artists will set up immersive performative installations to explore concepts surrounding the self, human interaction and simulation.

(Dancers in rehearsal) 

 I want to achieve this new media performance with a Virtual Reality segment.  It takes the viewer on a journey in a dream inside a dream. Set in an unconscious mind of minds, the viewer first encounters pairs of bodies and mannequins in a dystopian surreal set. The videos on the screen become intensifying adverts attempting to distract you away from the lost bodies seduced by mannequins. Viewers can then enter a deep dream by entering the set and experiencing a virtual reality film where a metanarrative of various 'mindsets'/ theories guides them on multiple journeys. 

In a society that favours individualism, rationality, productivity and materiality, the piece delves the audience into dream scenarios; away from the horizontal axis of time to question this existence. Politically charged, it questions the tools used by neo-nationalists and far right groups, offering discriminatory fake connectivity, as well as symptoms of neoliberalism amongst an accelerating technological age. As the automaton proliferates what is happening to our consciousness and existence? With more and more online communication it affects our desire for connectivity — what prescribes the future for the social mind? 

I need to raise funds in order to facilitate the production of this ambitious piece of work. If you choose to support my project it will help contribute to: 

  • 4 Dancers --- to perform on rotation throughout the duration of the weekend (£300)
  • A 3D animator in order to facilitate the production of the Virtual Reality film (£100)
  • 2 x Sound artists who will be producing an external soundscape, soundtrack and voice alteration for the Virtual Reality film (£150)
  • Materials to make costumes (£100), 2 x mannequins (£45 each), material to cover floor and large window (£95)
  • A VR company is supporting the exhibition by loaning a Samsung Gear VR headset for (£30) 
  • Software to develop more sophisticated Virtual Reality (£180)

In supporting this project you will be supporting 4 dancers, 2 sounds artist, an animator and myself. Your support will allow this experimental and challenging work to actualise and enable a large audience to experience it. I hope after the first production of this piece that it can then be developed further in scale, concept, locations and explore ways of using new technologies. Virtual Reality is an exciting medium and has had huge development recently in gaming, advertising and therapy. I want to not only produce it but question it in relation to human experience. 

Currently we're in a huge state of global change (politically, socially and environmentally), I want to explore and question the nature of future human experience in relation to an accelerating technological age and its ramifications. How can we create a more compassionate society which is less focused on this consistent enhancement of desire of self?

Information about me

I am a visual artist working in a multi-disciplinary way, employing and combining mediums such as video, New-Media, VR, participatory performance, choreography and installation. I use the body to explore its position and traces in our increasingly accelerating technological age. I've developed solo projects as well as working as part of the UK based “Keiken Collective.” I graduated with a 1st Class BA Fine Art (Hons) from Falmouth University last year and was selected for the Midas Award Show (2016- 2017) at Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn. I've exhibited in further group exhibitions such as Inland Art Festival, Redruth (UK); Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz, Berlin; and The Exchange, Penzance. I've also taken part in several artist residencies, and since 2014 presented  performance work at several art spaces and festivals in the UK. Recently as part of Keiken Collective, we curated a week of live activity for 'Palace of Culture' at Newlyn Art Gallery as part of Tate St Ives Circuit programme. Keiken will also be presenting a workshop/performance 'BCNU*' as part of Tate Collectives at Tate St Ives on 17th June.

For this work I'm working with dancers (Jelena Alempijević, Blai Costa, Vilja Mihalovsky and Kiana Rezvani), sound artists Oh Mr James and The Floating Cellist, animator Alex Buchan, and the Virtual Reality film will feature sound piece 'Schlaf-Kuss' by Nati Cerutti.