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We want to change the way we travel. Bringing adventure, passion and awareness to our travel decisions by offering an alternative to flights

We did it!

On 10th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £21,276 with 168 supporters in 36 days

VoyageVert exists to provide an ecologically sustainable, trans-oceanic, worldwide ferry network.


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As you can see we have still not quite made our full crowdfunding goal.  After negotiations with Crowdfunder we have changed our campaign to 'flexi-funding' which means that we will receive all of your generous pledges.

As you know, this £32,000 fundraising effort is to research the modification of the donated 110' Catamaran into a passenger sailing ship. These funds are for bespoke reports from Naval Architects and Maritime Lawyers that will unequivocally state the feasibility of using the catamaran as our pilot vessel. With this money VoyageVert will still be able to deliver these reports and our subsequent project, with these funds we can still continue to work with our team of advisers to create this base of knowledge and deliver the project, albeit on a more extended timescale.

With this HUGE donation on YOUR part we are going to be able to continue our work to deliver a sustainable alternative to long distance, fossil fueled air travel. And we thank you all for making this possible.

Rest assured that we will honour all the rewards and prize draws that people have pledged upon. In the coming days they will receive emails and we will be posting out rewards in the next week.Thank you all again for your tremendous support and generosity!

From the VoyageVert team.

Are you looking for lighter ways of travelling or having new experiences?  Do you love adventure?  Have you ever experienced the wonder of being on the wide open sea?

In the next two years we are seeking to operate a pilot project, passenger sailing ferry.  The proposed route is Bristol to Boston with a predicted journey time of 7-10 days.  Imagine a future where booking a carbon-emission free sailing ferry is as common place as booking flight, train or coach journeys. This vision starts here.

We are seeking to operate the pilot project on a converted, speed efficient and comfortable super-maxi sailing catamaran, for two or more seasons on a trans-Atlantic crossing.

From this pilot project we wish to expand the concept, creating a network of international passenger sailing ferries.  Purpose-designed, fast and using the latest technologies - the likes of these sailing vessels have never been seen before!  These will have a passenger capacity of 150-200 people making passages cheaper.  We've already been working with leading independent consultancy Steller Yachts who specialise in Naval Architecture, Marine & Systems Engineering and Cyber Security for yachts and superyachts.

Air travel connects major hubs.  But it's overland and overseas travel that connects travelers with the world. The people and places that exist between one airport and another.

'Around 80% of harmful aviation co2 emissions are emitted from flights of over 1500km'*, pouring carbon into our atmosphere and contributing to climate change. Airports are expanding, and there is currently NO practical, sustainable, alternative method of long-distance passenger transport.  This pioneering project is the practical alternative!

We need your donations now.  This is a bid for the future of this beautiful vision. Whether you're an aspiring sailor or resolutely defiant that your feet stay on dry land this alternative benefits all of us. The sailing experience fosters greater awareness, attention and support for the world's ocean environments.  To quote Sir David Attenborough "No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

VoyageVert's services offer a whole new way of thinking about travel, generating more awareness for carbon footprints and more intentional travel decisions. It opens up a new frontier of travel and ocean experiences for the land-locked and laptop-locked.  All while tackling the pressing issue of carbon emissions. 

In addition to providing fast, efficient passenger-sailing services we also aim to become a hub for alternative, green travel. Linking sailing vessels, owners and captains with people looking to sail hitchhike - providing a service akin to 'AirBnB'. As well as selling tickets on established sail cargo ships. We would like to become a household website provider for a truly ecological, global, personal-transport network, making fossil-fuel-free sea voyaging accessible to the lay-traveller.

“Real choice is inspirational. VoyageVert’s ambitions are both powerful and provocative. For those for whom travel is as much about adventure as it is about simple transit, the possibility of traversing oceans in a way that lives lighter on the planet we all love, is a compelling prospect... Nothing beats the feeling of ‘flying across the sea’ - and the potential of a new era of maritime travel fit for the twenty first century is a very exciting one”     Ed Gillespie - FUTERRA Co-founder, Author of Only Planet; a flight free journey around the world.  (See our Rewards for an exclusive, personal Futerra business consultancy meeting) 

"...I travelled from Southampton to New York on the Queen Mary
in the 60s during my Peace Pilgrimage and it was a most memorable
journey.  Travelling by air is never too interesting or exciting. I am an
advocate for VoyageVert, because I can foresee people I know choosing
to cross the ocean this way; with attention and reverence for what is
being undertaken..."
Satish Kumar, Activist, Speaker and Educator for Peace
and the Environment, and Editor of Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine

Words don't do justice to the experience.  The sights, sounds and feeling of being out on the open ocean.  The freedom, the new understanding and perspective of our planet.  The sunsets, the dolphins, the birds and the magical Disney-esque phosphorescence - millions of glowing lights in the night sea.  The opportunity to get away from it all. To get to know the ocean more, to feel and see what all of those countless sailors and daring explorers have felt in the past. 

Now, forgive us if we take away the crisp, clean sea air and for just a moment  we ask you to compare this to the option involving queues, conveyor belts and dazzling shops; buckled into a small seat, recycled air, unusual air-pressures and flat-packed food; losing all track of time and geography to be ejected into a different culture... All this using a finite resource with waste products which are proving detrimental to our world.  What if you had another choice?

The Crowdfunder!

We need to raise £32,000 in 5 weeks! This is the figure needed to continue on our path to give people the opportunity to travel by sailing ships rather than having to fly or use fossil-fuel powered ships or ferries.

Without this cash there is no yacht designer to plan the modifications of our donated pilot project yacht. Without this cash there will be no legal documents or International Maritime Organisation (IMO) safety adherence documents and without your precious contribution toward this big picture our marketing plan can not happen!

Whats the Big Picture?

By 2018 we wish to have the pilot project operating and underway, providing passages from Southampton to Boston for two North Atlantic seasons, which will allow operation from May - November.

By 2020 we aim to be developing the work Steller Yachts Ltd have undertaken to date, and move on to the building of a super-fast, custom-designed boat .  With more stable, comfortable and safe vessels, the likes of which has never been seen before we will be able to upscale our capacity. 

"There is nothing like the sailing experience that VoyageVert would
be offering; a chance to get to know the mysterious ocean landscape,
learn skills aboard, and enjoy a temporary community, whilst
consciously moving to a destination totally in tune with the elements."
Maya Plass - TV presenter, Marine and coastal ecologist

With this service being worldwide, no agency, grants, or funding body are able to help us start this essential service. Your donations will go directly toward providing what it takes to establish the pilot project boat and its first few voyages... Our team have not taken a penny over direct living cost - and we will not "pay” ourselves until our own generated revenue can do so. This crowdfunder is so we can work on this project at cost, so you and our environment will have an alternative to travel by flight as soon as possible!

VoyageVert in its  current form, is a not-for-profit organisation, on account of the social and environmental benefits we are working to achieve.  Our team are centered around Bristol, UK, and we are about 8 full- and part-time contributors with a wider net of professional advisors and freelance help. (See the biography section top right for more detailed information on our background and experience)

So far with our passion and dedication to this project we have achieved some great landmarks, including;

  • formation of an office space, quality website, graphics, brand, and viable business plan
  • creation of a mobile (£20,000pa) campaign stall, making and selling quality burritos while gathering momentum for the cause
  • a survey of 400 people from different demographics, and collation of the relevant data
  • a public launch, discussion, and awareness raising event, and a speaking presentation as part of Bristol Green-Week
  • work in alliance with Steller Yachts, resulting in the professional design of a 3d-printed model and blueprint for our concept vessel
  • a precursor sailing trial and visioning, with 14 people aboard ship for 10 days
  • organisation of an info-tour ( on now - so look out for us, coming to visit wherever you live!)
  • some great backers on board; like the boat owners who have pledged a £6,000,000 110' catamaran maxi yacht, celebrity advocates and media
  • a huge fan-base, following our mail-outs, video newsletters and regular posts

Now - with your help - we need to fund the bits that cost money! We need specialist professional input;

  • yacht design  (the catamaran needs modifying)
  • naval architecture report
  • IMO / SOLAS Safety report
  • Vessel registration

In order for us to provide a yacht to get you across the ocean we need fully qualified professionals to: Design and approve the modifications to the yacht that's been dedicated to us. Legal reports and insurance approval to ensure your safety and we have to enhance our market research with professional data analysis of our customer profile's. Boring and Costly but very very Essential! 

Have questions?  Please ask!  But first check that it hasn't been answered in our FAQs Section here!


"Something must be done to address the imbalances created when we take long-distance travel for granted, and I commend VoyageVert for reaching towards ethical visionary possibilities. I can’t wait to book my first passage!" Pete Bethune - [Martime Captain, CEO of Earthrace Conservation Organisation, and Author of Whale Warrior]

Inspired? Support us by: spreading the word, Liking us on social media, or getting in touch to lend us your time and skills!  We especially need help with digital marketing.

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And, as if you needed more incentive to pledge...?! Check out these amazing REWARDS, many of which would make excellent Christmas gifts:

£15 - You will receive a personalised postcard from us in Boston, USA. Signed by the Captain, and transported sustainably across the ocean on the boat that you will have helped to commission. PLUS ENTRY TO A FREE PRIZE DRAW, to win a copy of the wholesome recipe book; Gaia’sKitchen by Julia Ponsonby, personally signed by the author herself.  For almost twenty years Schumacher College at Dartington has been brewing up a unique pot-pourri of human connections; raising ecological awareness, and stimulating taste buds. The cuisine at the College calls upon the best of Mediterranean, Californian, Indian, and Mexican vegetarian cooking. It celebrates old favourites rich in cheese and eggs, and offers a variety of tempting new vegan dishes using ingredients such as pulses, tofu and tempeh. The ecological dimension of food production is discussed, together with issues concerning nutrition and special diets.Gaia's Kitchen offers a full repertoire of soups, main courses, salads, desserts, breads, cakes and biscuits. Alongside family-size quantities, the book includes community-size quantities, making it invaluable for teaching centres, communities and anyone who wants to prepare a vegetarian banquet for thirty or forty friends. From Green Books.


£15 - a copy of the brand-new ebook  about Sailhitching, from Suzanne van der Veeken, - which will be released in May 2017. Suzanne says: ” I looked for a sailing boat to cross the Atlantic. I found a boat, and left it just before sailing out. I found another boat. And after that Caribbean exploration I found a boat back to Europe, doing good along the way. This year, I’m doing it again, and I’ll help you do the same! I’m compiling my tips, my story and the stories of 50+ interviewed captains and hitch sailors into an ‘Hitchsailing across the Atlantic’ e-book. With this book I want to inspire adventure, help others making their dreams come true, and increase awareness about ocean conservation. My ocean explorations have taught me about the magnitude of the challenges our oceans are facing, and I hope to encourage, inspire, and inform." The hitchsailing book will address questions like: To do it or not? How to even start an adventure like this? What’s it like? When to search and go? How to find a boat? What to expect? What do captains expect? What skills are useful? How NOT to find a boat? How do you know it’s safe? How to prepare? What to tell mum? And how to make a meaningful mission out of it?

111181-31a852ae946803a1ca80c2c3ee3f3c65.£20 - A rare chocolate bar shipped to the UK under sail, with New Dawn Traders. PLUS ENTRY TO A FREE PRIZE DRAW, to win a copy of the wholesome recipe book; Gaia’s Feasts by Julia Ponsonby, once again signed by the author herself. [The beans in these bars were grown with care in the tropical hills of the Dominican Republic. Once harvested, fermented and dried they were delivered to port to be loaded onto the handsome engineless brigantine, Tres Hombres. After 45 days at sea, propelled by the trade winds alone, the beans met their alchemist, Chocolarder of Cornwall, master chocolatier. With an obsessive attention to detail from roasting, maturing and hand-tempering, these beans have been crafted into an exceptional dark chocolate without the usual bitterness. With 80 % Dominican Republic organic, fairtrade beans, 20 % organic, fairtrade, raw cane sugar, and 45 days at sea! ...Gaia’s Feasts is the much-anticipated follow-up to Gaia’s Kitchen, winner of the Gourmand Best Vegetarian Cookbook prize (see the £10 reward).  With inspiration from home and around the world, it offers an introduction to the Slow Food and Local Food movements, together with a mouth-watering selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes, for both family and community-sized cooking. From Green Books].

£25 Get a Box of PUKKA TEA and be in with a chance to WIN A RETURN TRIP on our Maiden Voyage! Our Friends at Pukka belive in our project - so much so they have donated a supply of delicious tea's that you will get for your donation. You will also be place in a FREE PRIZE DRAW to win a £10,000 RETURN TRIP on our Maiden Voyage! 
dBe assured it’s the trip of a lifetime; joining specially invited guests; topical celebrities, speakers and VIPS on what will be a high-profile launch, a stimulating crossing, and a historical moment of arrival!
A chance to learn and network in close-quarters, enjoy food and drink, and debate who will be the one to throw the rope to shore, on this eventful landing.

£30 - Display your allegiance over steaming cup of tea at home or in the office - with a special souvenir VoyageVert mug, to remind you that you were involved when it all began. PLUS ENTRY TO A FREE PRIZE DRAW, To win a year’s subscription to Resurgence & Ecologist magazine. Resurgence and Ecologist offers positive perspectives on a range of engaging topics covering ecology, social justice, philosophy, spirituality, sustainable development and the arts. Published bi-monthly, each beautifully illustrated issue contains feature articles by respected writers, news from the frontline of the environmental movement, ideas on ethical living, book reviews, recipe columns, humour, poetry and arts profiles. Past contributors include Margaret Atwood, Michael Morpurgo, Antony Gormley, Rowan Williams, Vandana Shiva and Polly Higgins... Resurgence & Ecologist is now firmly established as essential reading throughout the environmental movement; enjoyed by people from all walks of life including environmentalists, politicians, business leaders, academics, activists, teachers, writers and artists. “Resurgence remains one of the best antidotes to the superficial banalities and mindless materialism that grips contemporary society” Jonathan Porrit.


£50 - Be commemorated and sail everywhere with us, in ‘the pilot project hall of fame!’ Your own name written on the waterline of the very boat that YOU help us to commission. PLUS ENTRY INTO A FREE PRIZE DRAW to win a framed limited edition print of 'The Brig Phoenix in fog', from Thom Axon Photography. [Having worked on ships for over a decade, photographer Thom Axon has drawn much of his inspiration from the sea. This image  captures a feeling long associated with the golden age of sailing. This 6"x6" image is beautifully displayed in a hand crafted 12"x12" frame. To see more of his work visit].


£75 - A special VIP pass for the inaugural launch event of the 1st trans-Atlantic yacht! Celebrate our Crowdfunding success with us in 2018, with free bubbles and nibbles, and Priority-Access to tour the custom-fitted vessel before its Maiden Voyage. PLUS ENTRY TO A FREE PRIZE DRAW to win your very own stove from Wildstoves! ...Rediscover the magic of cooking on real fire with the EzyStove. Easy and quick to light, powered by a handful of sticks, this ‘rocket stove’ gives you all the joy of real fire with the convenience of a modern stove. If you’re looking for a cooker to take camping, on picnics, to the beach or to cook on and BBQ in your back-garden, look no further. Set it down anywhere, send the kids off to collect some sticks, light it up and within a minute you are cooking over an intense heat on the sturdy pot support. Our in-house stove specialist, with 20 years of experience around the globe with rocket stoves, selected this stove as ‘head and shoulders above the rest in terms of value, durability, performance and design credentials’. The stove kicks out over 2Kw of heat and is 3 times more efficient than an open fire, producing a fraction of the smoky emissions and able to cook a large meal with a handful of twigs. The heat is also adjustable from simmer to intense, by adjusting the fuel supply .


£100 - A bottle of New Dawn Traders rum. [Aged Dominican Republic rum, brought over by sail, and blended with Cornish spring water. Matured in American oak barrels, this 18 year old solera rum started its journey in the hills of Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, where it was specially crafted for us by master blenders at Oliver and Oliver. Once selected, its journey continued across the Atlantic aboard the handsome engineless brigantine Tres Hombres, aged a further 45 days on the rolling sea. Met by horse and cart on arrival in Falmouth, England, the barrels made their final journey to be blended with Cornish spring water and bottled in a local brewery. You must be over 18 to pledge for this reward.


£100 - A precious voucher towards an Atlantic crossing on a pilot project voyage - worth £150 discount off the cost of your trip! PLUS ENTRY INTO A FREE PRIZE DRAW, for 3 nights holiday accommodation on the moors! Self Catering Accommodation at the amazing Kestorway, in Chagford, Dartmoor, from the Monday 27th - Thursday 30th March 2017. (value £300). [One voucher accepted per-person per trip, expected to run Bristol to Boston, either direction, from 2018... 3 miles from Chagford,on the edge of the moors, is Kestor, a stunningly beautiful Dartmoor tor. Tucked into the side of its wooded Teign Gorge valley, is an annexe with the most fabulous views over the lush moorland and meadows. Watch sparrowhawks, buzzards, deer and many other wild creatures nearby. The open moor starts at the front gate, so cars can be left, walking boots donned and modern life avoided. sleeps 2 people - Hall for coats/boots; living room with great views, woodburner, TV and door to garden (unfenced wildlife pond) which surrounds the whole house; fitted kitchen/dining room with garden views; double bedroom with pretty views; shower-room (suite). Spring water. No children under 7, except pre-crawling babies, because of pond. A fantastic place for serious walkers or for simply wandering Dartmoor's valleys and tors to soak up the spectacular views and peace. See].

111181-14c7567cac46825fc16941ba3214cb72.£200 - A Jamie Catto workshop of your choice. Creator / Producer / Director of the multi-award winning ‘1 Giant Leap’ films, and founder member of Faithless; Jamie Catto now leads uniquely transformative workshops, drawing from the richly diverse wisdom, techniques and processes he has encountered during his ground-breaking voyages across all 5 continents. Join one of these creative sessions, at a variety of locations around the country, for your own professional or personal breakthrough.


£500 - A choice of original art by Stephen Chon. Your own unique piece of artwork - be lucky enough to choose a Stephen Cohn print or painting, from here: , or  [NB: the ones which do not have a size indicated in the picture-title are A4 or smaller].


£600 - A one-in-a-million offer that money absolutely cannot buy! A personalised song from the incredible Susie-Ro Prater, written and recorded for you…Susie is a dynamic workshop leader as well as a talented singer-songwriter, voice tutor and composer for choirs. She tours with her popular harmony singing workshops and Alchemy of Song and Sharing the Music courses internationally, working to integrate the joy of singing into many sectors of modern society.


£1000 - A place on the sea trial of our very own pilot project boat! Every vessel needs a short trip out away from land to test its systems. Projected to take place late 2017, you could be part of an exclusive group to be there when it happens; to have a sneak preview of what your money has helped to achieve, and an exciting role in the preliminary launch. 


£4500 - An exclusive day for yourself and your enterprise with Futerra. Every business benefits from sharp positioning. And after 15 years at the forefront of sustainability communications, working with the world’s most pioneering brands, few know the landscape better than Futerra. A day with Co-Founder Ed Gillespie will help you articulate your organisational purpose with eloquence; communicating your vision and crafting your interface for maximum impact. This day of creative collaboration could turn out not only to be invaluable, but priceless.


£5,000 - A one way ticket on our maiden voyage across the Atlantic! Planning a visit across the pond in the next few years? make it unforgettable, by  pledging in exchange  for your passage,  on any crossing, for the duration of our pilot to and from Boston to Bristol... Take full advantage of our passenger service and try out for yourself the sustainable alternative to flight! (or go all the way, and get there and back for a CrowdFunding pledge of £10,000)

£10,000 - An exclusive return trip on our Maiden Voyage. People talk about "a trip of a lifetime" This will never be repeated. Join invited guests, topical celebrities, speakers and VIP's on what will be a high-profile launch, a stimulating crossing, and a historical moment of arrival. A chance to learn and network in close-quarters, enjoy food and drink, and debate who will be the one to throw the rope to shore on this eventful landing.


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