Make Ross Brown Belfast's first Green MLA!

Make Ross Brown Belfast's first Green MLA!

Want to make a difference? We can win a seat in East Belfast and get Ross Brown the first Green MLA for Belfast. But we need your support!

We did it!

On 11th May 2016 we successfully raised £50 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Make Ross Brown Belfast's first Green MLA

Green Party Councillor Ross Brown is standing for East Belfast in the 2016 Stormont election and we have a real chance of winning on the 5th May!

Honesty & Transparency

The Greens are the only party in the NI Assembly that do not take any donations from big corporations and publishes all our donations over £500.

This is why we need your financial support for leaflets, posters, advertisements and canvass cards to ensure a vibrant campaign and to get our message out.

It's time for #ZeroWaste - are you with us?

Three years ago the biggest illegal dump in Europe was discovered in Campsie in Northern Ireland. The cleanup costs of the 1 million tonnes of illegally dumped waste is estimated to be £100m which is set to be paid for by you.

Failures by the Stormont government are to blame for this mess and they are also to blame for an enormous waste of your money on projects which have never been delivered - £70m on the A5 road, £16m on the police training college and £16m on Casement Park.

We believe waste must not be tolerated and this is why we're standing on a promise of Zero Waste across all areas of our society.

This will mean Zero Waste in areas such as:

Money : We will demand that your tax money is wisely spent

Energy: We will implement a free home insulation scheme to tackle fuel poverty

Food: We will require supermarkets to hand over fresh unsold food to charities


Brown is the new Green!

Help us change Stormont and make Ross Brown Belfast's first Green MLA.

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