A Better Voice for Bury North

To remove David Nuttall as MP for Bury North. Whether it's Fracking or filibusting Bury North deserves a better voice! Help us provide one.

We did it!

On 19th May 2017 we successfully raised £2,528 with 75 supporters in 28 days

JAMES FRITH - A Better Choice for Bury North
#Unfinished Business #378 #NuttallOut

More than 18,000 voted for James Frith as Labour's candidate for Bury North last time. We lost by just 378 votes then,  we can't let that happen again.

Conservative David Nuttall, is an embarrassment to the constituency of Bury North. Our town deserves better, we need an MP who is open and will talk to the people he works for - you!

Rather than host surgeries, helping those in Bury North who need it most during the week, David Nuttall instead is often found in Westminster, speaking verbosely at length, talking down decent policies (usually on social justice) put forward by other elected representatives.

His record speaks for itself. Instead of helping you he has:

  • Been just one of just 2 Conservative MP's to vote against the Istanbul Convention - The Gold Standard Legislation re. domestic violence.
  • Attempted to derail vital pieces of legislation surrounding domestic violence and gender equality by using the tactic of filibusting - talking for so long, there is no time for further bills.
  • Known in advance, supported and said nothing to the public regarding Bury CCG's decision to close walk-in centres.
  • Refused to lobby government for a fair deal for Bury, when even by their own model shows Bury is drastically underfunded, suffering cuts of over 40% during his time as MP.
  • Said that increasing democracy by giving 16 year olds the vote would make them targets of sexual abuse. Even the current PM had to put him right. Hardly strong and stable.
  • Voted for the NPPF bill 2012, allowing big developers a greater say over local authorities when wanting to build on the greenbelt.
  • Supported Fracking, not caring one bit for our local environment, wanting shale gas to be drilled from beneath our feet.
  • Opposed LGBT rights, voting against same sex marriages and equal rights for gays.
  • Only wanted those who can afford to be educated to be educated, when he voted to for higher tuition fees.
  • Voted to reduce payments to the disabled by £30/week.
  • Voted in favour of the bedroom tax, further discriminating against households with disabled people.
  • Wanted to give his rich mates a helping hand, voting against an increase in tax for only the very wealthiest, and voted against a tax on banker's bonuses.
  • Spent time with pro fox hunting lobbyists from Vote OK.
  • Campaigned to scrap the smoking ban from pubs.

Does he really speak for you? Do you think Bury deserves better?

If you do, you can help us deliver a better choice for Bury North, and a better voice for Bury North.

James is a strong Labour candidate who will work tirelessly for his constituency. He will:

  • Make the best of Brexit for Bury, Tottington & Ramsbottom
  • Be a better choice as your MP, than the one we have
  • Better protect NHS Bury and integrate our Social Care Services
  • Champion better funding for our schools
  • Be the best for jobs and well paid work

    Please give as little or as much as you can afford, and every penny will be spent on campaigning for James to be that better voice.

Thanks to everyone so much for your continued support. We can do this! We will do this!

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