Enable People to Vote Green in Greenwich & Bexley

by Greenwich and Bexley Green Party in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 12th December 2019 we successfully raised £1,823 with 53 supporters in 38 days

Help us raise £2500 to stand Green candidates in each of the five constituencies of Greenwich and Bexley in the upcoming General Election!

by Greenwich and Bexley Green Party in London, England, United Kingdom

What do we need?

Funding to get local Greens elected!

Did you know that it costs £500 per candidate to stand in a parliamentary election, even before other election expenses like advertising are considered? 

As a party funded entirely by regular people like you, the Green Party runs on a shoestring compared to the mammoth budgets of the big-business and union-funded parties.

We need money in order to be able to stand for election and have a chance of getting Green politicians elected and Green policies adopted.

We are asking for donations to help put Green candidates on the ballot paper in all constituencies in Greenwich and Bexley. 

Why should I donate?

The Green Party is the only party that will truly address the climate emergency

Since we started as the Ecology Party many decades ago, members of the Green Party have always been trying to raise the alarm about environmental damage and the dangers of rapid climate change. 

We have been working hard to devise policies for a sustainable society since the very beginning and that work continues today. 

In recent years, in south-east London, the Green Party has:

  • Worked with the community to block the development of a toxic cruise port at Enderby Wharf
  • Campaigned to reduce health-hazardous air pollution across Greenwich and Bexley
  • Led the current lobby for an Ecology Officer in Greenwich Council
  • Fought relentlessly to get the Silvertown Tunnel scrapped and replaced with a proper integrated public transport plan

We are proud of what we have achieved. But we can achieve so much more if we are elected to political office.

We must fund Greens to get on the ballot paper so people are able to #VoteGreen

Getting elected to office to get sustainable policies enacted is the reason the Green Party exists. Just imagine all the good we can do with more MPs and councillors!

We are gaining Green votes all over Greenwich and Bexley and must maintain this momentum in the general election.

If we can't stand Green candidates, the pattern of voting Green will be broken and this makes it all the harder to get vital Green votes for council and London Assembly elections where we have a great chance of a breakthrough.

Few people know that getting on the ballot paper alone costs a good deal of money in the United Kingdom. Since Greenwich and Bexley Green Party covers five constituencies and there is a deposit of £500 for each contest, we need to raise £2500 to enable people to vote for the Green Party in this election.

Your donations will help Greenwich and Bexley Green Party to support election candidates

Victoria Rance – Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich

Victoria has lived in Greenwich since 1992 and is an artist and teacher. She leads the ongoing campaign against the Silvertown Tunnel, which threatens to increase polluting motor traffic through Greenwich, and to lock in existing levels of carbon emissions for decades to come. 

Victoria says:

‘‘Nothing matters more than the future of our planet and our guardianship of it for our children. I have been active in campaigning on climate breakdown, focusing on phasing out car use with a push towards walking cycling, public transport and clean energy. As a Green, if elected I, along with the rest of the party, commit to do everything I can to ensure that local and national governments enact the policies necessary to hold global heating below 1.5 degrees C, and to prevent mass extinction."

Matt Stratford – Candidate for Eltham

Matt works as a product manager for a scholarly technology company and lives with his young family in Eltham. He stood for the Green Party in Eltham West ward in the 2018 local elections. 

Matt S. says:

‘’Take it from me, the Green Party is a pragmatic party. I believe that what is scientifically necessary to stabilise the climate must be politically possible. Only the Green Party understands that it is the poorest that bear the brunt of environmental pollution, and that addressing social justice is impossible without putting ecology at the centre of policy solutions.’’

Claudine Letsae – Candidate for Erith and Thamesmead

Claudine has lived in the area for 14 years and is a Trustee for a local Housing Charity. Claudine stood for the Green Party in Erith and Thamesmead in the 2017 General Election. 

Claudine says:

‘‘I have seen the negative impacts of changes brought in by reductions in legal access, police cuts leading to removal of neighbourhood officers and austerity measures that the coalition and Conservative Governments have brought in over the last 10 years. I am standing to fight for these to be reversed.’’

Matt Browne – Candidate for Old Bexley and Sidcup

Matt works as the Green Party’s Policy Manager and has lived in Greenwich since 2013. In 2018 he campaigned with the resident-led No Toxic Cruise Port campaign to successfully overturn plans for a polluting cruise terminal at Enderby Wharf. 

Matt B. says:

‘‘I am standing to hold sitting MP James Brokenshire to account for supporting Boris Johnson and his disastrous plans for a No Deal Brexit and zero action on climate change. The Conservatives are gleefully putting at the jobs and futures of Old Bexley and Sidcup residents at risk. A Green vote is a vote to stop a calamitous Brexit and to take action against the Climate Emergency – a vote to secure a safer, more stable future.’’

Tony Ball – Candidate for Bexleyheath and Crayford

Tony has lived in Bexley all his life and worked for Bexley Council for 28 years. He is a serving Elder at Bexley United Reformed Church, Volunteer driver for the Bexley Club for the Disabled, and keen Welling United Football fan. 

Tony says:

‘‘The Green Party has the right ideas for improving lives in Bexleyheath and Crayford, and to build communities that can raise children into confident thinking adults and to support the future. I believe we need to think out of the box to refresh politics and make people think.’’

Give today so people can #VoteGreen2019

£2500 will enable us to stand our Green candidates in Greenwich and Bexley. 

If you want Green candidates to stand, please donate today.

We urgently need your help. Can you spare £20 to ensure you can vote Green in the next election?

Thank you for your help.


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Legal notices

Donations over £500 will need to be vetted for permissibility, require an address to be submitted along with the donation, and may be rejected. For transparency over political party funding, please pledge with your real name.

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