Vote for Policies

by Matt Chocqueel-Mangan in London

We did it
On 31st August 2014 we successfully raised £23,551 with 882 supporters in 14 days

At the next election, Vote for Policies wants to help 5 million people choose which party to vote for, based purely on policies.

by Matt Chocqueel-Mangan in London

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kitkatkate 1st September 2014

Well done on reaching your target, and thanks Alexander for clarifying my earlier comment. I look forward to using the site with the 2015 policies ahead of the election; now the hard work starts for you guys getting it all ready!

mort1978 29th August 2014

Well done Matt and the VFP team for overfunding your campaign! VFP is definitely something that I\'ll be pushing to my friends over the course of the next 9 months. Keep up the good work.

Matt Chocqueel-Mangan 27th August 2014

Hi all - thanks for the comments and support. Some great ideas here: Sorry for my misunderstanding on your point Kate (and thanks to Alexander for putting me right). I do think that\'s an excellent idea, and we do need to make it as easy as possible to wade through the survey! Thanks. Dom-giles: understand, the plan is to load the right parties based on your postcode, so you\'ll only see SNP, etc if relevant. Lauren: sounds like the Green Party website can help, but I\'ll reply to your email too as happy to help if I can. drsloth: good suggestions, thank you. I especially agree about the political parties offering their support - makes sense. Thanks again all - great to be part of such a strong community - will keep you posted and you\'ll hear from me with news of your rewards!

duncanjdavis 27th August 2014

laurengreen: I\'ve started a topic on the Green Party members website for discussing the use of crowdfunding in our campaigns. Feel free to join the discussion.

drsloth 27th August 2014

I second kitkatkate\'s suggestion on the 25th August, which is more clearly explained by alexander.atkins on the 26th August. It would be a great improvement to ease of use. Have you thought about contacting University Political/Debate societies for volunteers/funding? Equally, if not more so, if you can appeal to the political parties themselves for support, isn\'t it in their interest to demonstrate that, if they support you, they are reinforcing their confidence in their own policies and have nothing to hide?

laurengreen 26th August 2014

I wanted to set up a similar campaign so that the green party could raise the funds to stand MPs all over the country, due to the fact a £500 per candidate deposit is required - something the party can not afford to fund across all constituencies and the members struggle to raise the funds on their own, but sadly Tom Beckett (the fundraising manager for the party( doesn\'t support the idea. Quite sad really :(

alexander.atkins 26th August 2014

vipul.patel: At a guess, it sounds like you\'ve got a browser extension that\'s messing with your cookies. Try a different browser, allowing more cookies, reducing privacy controls, running your browser without extensions or just a different computer. Especially if you have an extension for increased privacy such as DoNotTrackMe. Also, if you\'re trying to open the pledge link in a new tab or window, don\'t do that – open it in the same window/tab. If you don\'t know what I\'m talking about, ask the person who installed your web browser or who administers your computer. If that\'s you, then my guess is probably wrong and this isn\'t the problem. Whatever you do, don\'t break your computer while trying to follow my advice.

alexander.atkins 26th August 2014

mattcm: kitkatkate\'s not asking to hide a whole party before beginning the survey. What\'s being asked is if you can hide an individual manifesto pledge, after reading it, while trying to make up your mind about a single policy question. So you\'re viewing all the manifesto paragraphs about health and the NHS, for example, and there are eight of them. Straight away you can see that you don\'t agree with five, so you hide those, and now you only have three to choose from. On the next page, about crime, say, you will see another eight policies, and of course you won\'t know which ones correspond to the five that you hid from the last page.

dom-giles 26th August 2014

In light of Kate\'s comment can I suggest something. I agree that it\'s important to include Scottish, Welsh and N. Irish parties but surely only if you live in those regions? I teach A Level Politics in England and although we mention these parties, no one living in Warwickshire can vote for them, so isn\'t it over complicating things? I\'m sure research shows that if you give people too much information they won\'t engage with the website. My suggestion is that when you input your postcode you get options from the parties which are standing in your area? So, for me, I won\'t have options for the SNP etc. after all, the main point of \'Vote for Policies\' is to help people decide who to vote for. If I opt for SNP policies but can\'t vote for them, that might be interesting but runs the risk of putting people off as they have too many options. ( Or perhaps you could give users the option of including \' all parties\' or just the parties standing in their area?) Incidentally, I use the website to help me teach AS Politics and General Studies. Thanks a million, and this is why I\'m happy to contribute financially.

george-and-carol 25th August 2014

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all at VFP on reaching the £20,000 target. It shows that there is a lot of people out there who take their Politics seriously. We found Vote For Policies helpful and informative at the last General Election and will look forward too using it again next year. We also look forward to seeing the other ideas and plans you have being put into place on the website.

Matt Chocqueel-Mangan 25th August 2014

Hi all - thanks for your comments: Kate: we can\'t give people the option of de-selecting parties before taking the survey as that introduces bias. But that does mean we have to limit the number of parties as I agree we don\'t want it to be too arduous to take the survey. Henry: many thanks for the ideas - all look worth a shot to me! Owen: most definitely \'yes\' - that\'s our next area of development after the election. Vipul: sorry you had complications with the site - looks all sorted now though (excuse slow reply here!).

kitkatkate 25th August 2014

Helpful site, but would be a bit easier if you had the option to hide policies you definitely don\'t agree with, or choose a few to compare more closely, rather than having to keep scrolling through them all to make your mind up

henryhooverville 20th August 2014

Well Matt nothing really comes to mind outside universities (I\'m an A-Level student so yeah). What about the Co-operative group, CBI, Wellcome Trust, History and Policy organization and other similar organizations that could use a bit more political engagement in the UK? Sorry I\'m not much help.

owenbevt 19th August 2014

Good website was very helpful during election. I hope it will be possible at some stage to also act as a remind to politicians of their own election policies once they are in power?

vipul.patel 19th August 2014

I\'ve tried three times to pledge using GoCardless but all that happens is that it takes me to the gocardless website with no instructions or prompts.

Matt Chocqueel-Mangan 13th August 2014

Hi Henry - thanks for the comment. Have tried a few funders without success yet but have a few more for after the crowdfunding campaign. Do you have any specific organisations in mind? Thanks, Matt

henryhooverville 13th August 2014

Really interesting project, are you planning on funding solely from the crowd though? I am sure there are a load of societies clubs, etc. that would love to support you.

blueandgreentomorrow 7th August 2014

Great going - doubled since we covered it a couple of weeks ago: Another update from us due soon!

Matt Chocqueel-Mangan 16th July 2014

We\'ve hit £1,000 already! Many thanks to all you wonderful supporters who jumped on board so quickly. And thanks for spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook - very lucky to have such a great community supporting Vote for Policies. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Matt


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