To mobilise support for candidates in the local and general elections in the UK who are committed to the UK remaining a member of the EU.

We did it!

On 8th May 2017 we successfully raised £734 with 33 supporters in 21 days



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General Election on 8 June

The General Election on 8 June could be the last chance to stop Britain leaving the EU.

So this election is nothing short of a re-run of the referendum but with one big difference.  If a Brexit parliament rather than a Brexit referendum vote is returned on 8 June Britain will almost certainly leave the EU in two years time.

It is vitally important that MPs are elected to parliament who are committed to Britain staying in the European Union and who are able to put the national interest first.

That is why New Europeans are backing the candidate in each parliamentary seat who has the best chance of stopping a hard Brexit, helping to keep Britain not just in the single market but in the European Union.

We will support such candidates regardless of party affiliation and we will target the marginal seats.

Here is a list of the marginal seats

We will use the money we raise to:

- run a targetted social media and ground campaign in the key marginal seats

- provide transport to key marginal seats for volunteers on election day

- work with EU dual nationals and Brits abroad to boost participation

- call for support for any candidate who has a strong, pro-European message in key marginals

- hold hustings meetings in key marginals

- publish and distribute the New Europeans General Election Manifesto

What we can achieve together

On 25 March, New Europeans was one of the lead sponsors and key organisers of the Unite for Europe march in London.

We helped bring  100,000 people together in a real show of strength behind the need to unite Britain, reverse Brexit and change Europe.

We ran the #RightToStay campaign and organised the mass lobby of parliament by EU citizens on 20 February

Over 2,500 European citizens gathered in Westminster Hall, on Parliament Square and then in the House of Commons itself to lobby Members of Parliament and Peers.

UK citizens living in the EU joined our call for a unilateral guarantee to secure the rights of EU citizens in the UK and Brits living in the EU.

Now we aim to mobilise support for Pro-Europeans candidates in the forthcoming elections both the General Election and the local elections

Your donation will help to make that happen. 

Together we can unite Britain.

Together we can reverse Brexit.

Together we can change Europe.

For the General Election:

Register to vote here

The deadline to register is 23.59 on 22 May.

We will write to all who have contributed to our crowd-funder on 7 May with a summary of candidates we are supporting in the General Election and information about how we will be doing so and how you can get involved.

We will also publish updates on this site.

For the local elections please see below.

Local elections on 4 May

On 4 May, we will take the next step in our campaign to unite Britain, reverse Brexit and change Europe.

From Anglesey to the Isle of White, from The Orkneys to Land's End, from Merseyside to Brighton, we have have a huge opportunity on 4 May to make our voices heard and to stand up for Europe - we should take it.

If you feel your freedoms and opportunities have been undermined by the Brexit vote, you will be able to send a message to those who want to compromise your future.

If you want to resist the inexorable drive to take Britain out of the most successful international partnership the world has ever seen, you  have the chance to start fighting back.

If you care about your EU citizenship rights, you will have the opportunity to defend those rights not through gunboat diplomacy but through the ballot box.

Snapshot overview of local elections in the UK

*  Scotland  and Wales  have 32 and 22 local authorities respectively.

* Not all the English authorities hold elections at the same time.

* London is not holding elections this year. 

* There will be elections in 27 non-metropolitan county councils,

* There will be elections in 7 unitary authorities, and 1 metropolitan borough.  

*  There will also be 8 mayoral contests (including Liverpool and Manchester)

You can find out more by visiting our website.

Registration and turn-out

For the last few weeks we have been promoting voter registration campaigns. We are expecting a very high level of participation. Registration closed on 13 April.

All EU citizens have the right to vote in local elections.

The UK government has already failed  to give a unilateral guarantee to 3.6 m EU citizens that they have the right to stay before starting negotiations about the UK's exit form the EU. 

It is without precedent in modern times for citizens to have their rights stripped away as a result of a referendum and to be treated as a collective bargaining chip in inter-governmental negotiations.

The local elections are an opportunity to stand up for your rights and start to fight for the kind of local community, the kind of Britain and the kind of Europe you believe in.

The way to find out whether a candidate is pro-European and in favour of Britain staying in the European Union is to ask them.

Whatever their party, if they are prepared to go on the record to support our campaign to unite Britain, reverse Brexit and change Europe then we believe they will deserve your vote.

It is a matter of record that the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, the SNP and Plaid Cymru are committed to Britain staying in the EU.

Conservative and Labour party candidates can go either way on the issue.

A majority of Conservative candidates will be in favour or leaving.

Labour candidates will be more likely to be pro Remain, although many will be in favour of "respecting the referendum result" which means they are now committed to Britain leaving the EU.

Vote wisely in order to protect your interests, your rights and opportunities, and those of your friends and family.

Ask for a commitment from your candidate of choice that they will not give up on Britain remaining in the EU and that they will do all they can to protect the rights of EU citizens and Brits in the EU.

Tactical voting

The first way to be effective in elections is to target resources to where they can make a difference to the outcome.

Many council seats are decided by a small number of votes. By channeling support towards pro-European candidates, we can help to get them elected.

If you know of a pro-European candidate in your area who may need a few extra votes to beat a Brexiteer - please let us know.

We will target support for that candidate through our membership network and social media.

Tactical voting means voting not necessarily for the candidate who represents your party affiliation, but the one who in your area has the best chance of beating a Brexiteer. 

To make sure that pro-European candidates with the best chance of winning in a particular seat are indeed elected.

In 2013, for example, Simon Cook, a  pro-European Liberal Democrat  won his Clifton East Ward in Bristol by a mere 27 votes in Clifton East Ward in Bristol in 2013.

How easy was it for a few extra votes from EU citizens and British Europeans to change the outcome of this election?

In some areas, we can prevent not just individual Brexiteers being elected as councillors, but pro-Brexit parties from  "taking control" of councils. 

Let's take Northumberland for example. Here are the results from the referendum. It's a 'leave' area.

EU Referendum 2016 : Northumberland
Leave Remain Majority Turnout







Here is the current composition of Northumberland council - no party has overall control.

Northumberland Council Members
  Labour Group 32
  Conservative Group 21
  Liberal Democrat Group 12
  Independent Group 2
 Total 67

Our mission is a simple one - to make sure that Northumberland council returns a majority of pro-European councillors on 4 May 2017.

Realistically, this will mean a Labour majority ( if all Labour councillors are pro-European, although this seems unlikely) or a minority Labour administration as now, supported by the Liberal Democrats.

We would like to see a  majority of councillors promise to too do all they can to fight for the rights of EU citizens and to keep Britain in the EU. if this is not possible, at least we have marked their cards and had the conversations.

Northumberland will be a key battleground when the next referendum comes - as it surely must. We want to make sure that Northumberland Council is with us when it comes to voting for Britain to stay in Europe.

New Europeans Manifesto

We want to call on candidates everywhere to support our manifesto commitments in other words, the measures we would like to see implemented, if they are elected.

We will be publishing the New Europeans Local Election Manifesto on 28 April. It will be a two page document which we will send to all councillors who have identified as pro-Europeans in the last week of the campaign. 

Click here to read our draft manifesto.

Councils which we will be targeting include: East Sussex, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Cumbria.

Unitary authorities we will be targeting will include Cornwall and Northumberland.

Please contact us at office@neweuropeans.net if you would like to help in these areas or in Scotland and Wales.

In the course of the next four to five years, the lifetime of the administrations which will be elected on 4 May, Britain will either stay in the EU on current terms or leave with either a bad deal or with no deal.

The Brexiteers would like nothing more than for the debate to stop now. Our  job must be to keep the debate going as long as possible in the hope that the public mood will shift and a new decision point can appear on the horizon.

Candidate's  pledge

The candidates' pledge will ensure our voices are heard, even if the councillor does not agree with what we are saying - this is at the heart of what it means to have a representative democracy.

No politician, local, national or European is paid to sit in judgement over their constituents. They are paid to represent us, and to do so without fear or favour, and regardless of party affiliation.

Councillors do not need to endorse the views of their constituents - but they do need to represent us and make sure our voices are heard, our questions answered, and our views made known to government.

This is particularly the case with the mayoral elections.  

We need your help to challenge candidates before the election in all 8 areas where these elections will be taking place: West of England, West Midlands, Cambridge and Peterborough, Liverpool City Region, Greater Manchester, Doncaster, Tees Valley, North Tyneside.

Your role

You have a key role to play in all of this. Whether you are based in the UK or outside the UK you can make a huge difference to the impact we can make collectively during the local elections.

Here are five things you can do:

1) Write to your local authority candidate (if you have one) - we will supply a draft.

2) Contact your New Europeans regional coordinator - we will send you their details.

3) Help us gather intelligence about who is standing and what they are saying - we will send you a check list.

4) Support our campaigning on social media - we will add you to the team and give you training.

5) Help us raise the resources we need to drive the success of our campaign - we will give you numbers to call.

For now though, all you need to do is register your interest on our website on the 4 May event listing for the local elections. (see below)

We will follow up with more details and take it from there.

You do not have to be living in one of the election areas or even in the UK to be able to help New Europeans put our message across.

There are restrictions if you live outside the UK in relation to the financing of campaigns for individual candidates.

We will make sure that we comply with all rules and regulations in the UK.

We will be taking advice from the Charity Commission and the Electoral Commission about our activitiesl and we will act on this advice at all times.

Register to take part here


We are proud to be working to unite Britain,
reverse Brexit and change Europe!

Thank you as ever for all your support.


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