VoteSmart 2017 – Supercharge Tactical Voting

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VoteSmart 2017  – Supercharge Tactical Voting
We did it
On 8th June 2017 we successfully raised £7,965 with 239 supporters in 14 days

VoteSmart General Election 2017: supercharge the tactical vote where it matters on June 8th

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Thanks to YOU we launched the voteSMART website last week with unique landing pages tailored to different audiences, and advice on how to vote in every marginal constituency. There is a full list of all of the landing pages below, please feel free to promote these to your networks!
The VoteSMART recommendation engine is based on our own analysis and also takes into account advice on other sites, making it the most definitive source of information on tactical voting. 
VoteSMART is running highly targeted on-line advertising to pinpoint specific audiences that match the topics on our landing pages. We are targeting postcodes in marginal seats where we know there are higher concentrations of target voters. We have 100’s of different ads running, each one takes a different message straight to the voters that matter, using a message that works for them. 
Take a look at or one of the landing pages below
Please feel free to like our Facebook Page at
Thank you for your attention and your support - we could not do this without people like you.
Anna at Stop The Silence HQ

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