VoteSmart 2017 – Supercharge Tactical Voting

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VoteSmart 2017  – Supercharge Tactical Voting
We did it
On 8th June 2017 we successfully raised £7,965 with 239 supporters in 14 days

VoteSmart General Election 2017: supercharge the tactical vote where it matters on June 8th

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New stretch target

On-line advertising spend is very flexible - so how much we do depends on how much we raise. If we only raise £2,000 we will concentrate on one seat. If we raise £80,000 we can reach up to 4 million people in up to 80 seats. 

URGENT: supercharge the tactical vote where it matters in the last week before June 8th

Current tactical voting campaigns will reach around 25% of the target audience by appealing to strongly anti-Tory and anti-Brexit voters.
For Tactical Voting to be a success, we urgently need to communicate with a completely new set of people in key seats
From people with a disability and parents of school children, to pensioners and specific industrial sectors, we’ve worked out who they are, where they are and how to get the right message to them. We have launched a website with pages tailored to these different groups and advice on how to vote in every marginal constituency. This is based on our own analysis but also takes into account advice on other sites, making it the most definitive source of information on tactical voting. Have a look: (this is the general version without the tailored pages).
Now we need to promote this to as many people as possible. We have enough cash for a handful of seats - but every £1,000 we raise enables us to make a real difference in another seat.  There are at least 40 seats where we would like to do that. 
The VoteSmart campaign is using targeted on-line advertising to pinpoint specific audiences in areas across the UK where we know we can make a difference, both online and on the ground.  We are also targeting those postcodes where we know there are higher concentrations of target voters. 
Want to help stop Theresa May increase her majority and ignore the views of most people in this country? We can do this with Tactical Voting, but only if we bring enough people with us. 

Let’s burst Tactical Voting out of the bubble and block the opportunistic power grab together!
VoteSmart is a joint initiative from Represent Us, leading pro-EU political strategists, working alongside the communications team that delivered the national "Stop The Silence" campaign.
VoteSmart: what do we need to supercharge the tactical vote in the general election?
  • £7,000 lets us deliver an online campaign in 6 seats
  • £15,000 lets us deliver an online campaign reaching up to 600k  people in 14 seats
  • £40,000 means we can repeatedly reach up to 2 million people across the UK - those who can make the most difference.

IMPORTANT: due to legal constraints we cannot accept individual donations of £500 or more.

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