Vote for Kam Balayev as your next Mayor of London

by Renew in London, England, United Kingdom

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Kam Balayev (Renew Party) is running to be your next Mayor of London. He is the only mayoral candidate offering a different way.

by Renew in London, England, United Kingdom

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Kam's platform is a different economy. He wants to start the new economy in London. It is an economy powered by data. Big firms, such as those from the famous Silicon Valley, use our personal information and make money, often without paying their fair share back to the community. Londoners deserve a piece of the pie, but we are going hungry.1574868740_we_support_a_people's_vote-3.png
A business-friendly environment attracts these firms to our city, creating jobs and spurring growth. We now need to take back some of those profits. By doing so, London can emerge as a venue for people to come together in a new relationship with the powerful companies that will make us wealthy. Through regulating London’s business environment to ensure that corporations reward you for the use of your information, we can overcome one of our biggest economic challenges.

1615656837_1605110663_renew_blue_for_signature.pngIn a word: everyone will benefit from the new economy. He has visited every borough across the city and he is inspired by the people he meets. They work hard to make a difference, often in very difficult circumstances. Yet there is too much of a gap between those who are doing well and those left behind. Some of the problems he has encountered are particular to different neighbourhoods - some are citywide - but all are rooted in inequality. Harnessing the New Economy will change this, and the Mayor should play a crucial role in making it work for London. We can only be a successful city when everyone has enough income to live a decent life. Nobody should be forgotten. London will be greener and better.1574871628_we_support_a_people's_vote-6.png

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