Voodoo Burger - Unique Blues Burger Joint

Voodoo Burger - Unique Blues Burger Joint

Imagine the funkiest juke joint in town, cool cats playing the blues, root beer on tap and burgers fully loaded with all the best stuff.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our vision for Voodoo Burger is to provide the best burgers in the area, all made with prime steak and fresh local ingredients.

As soon as you reach Voodoo Burger, you'll know this isn't any ordinary burger joint, from the interior, the music, the easy vibe and the choice available. Voodoo Burger will offer burgers like The Swamp Burger, The Lemmy and The Reaper.  All made with top ingredients and fresh to order. This includes excellent vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options, with something for everybody on Voodoo's menu.

To make Voodoo a reality, we need to raise around £10,000 in order to pay for equipment, building works and staff, amongst other things. Partly funded by grants, we need your help to bring Voodoo Burger to the streets of hull. Voodoo will be able to support 4 part time and 4 full time staff within a few months and will only grow from there. Supporting our local economy, local bands, and offering something different to the people of Hull.

Although we love Burgers with a passion, local music will be a big part of Voodoo. Playing local music in the joint, as well as having dedicated space to sell local band merchandise. Supporting the local music scene and being involved, whilst providing kick ass food is what Voodoo is all about.

Part of Voodoo's ethos is that the best way to live your life is to do the things you love, eat what you want, listen to music that makes you feel something and welcome everybody like they're part of the gang.

Support Voodoo and be a part of something new in the city of Hull.