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Support the creation of the Vood Box. A vegan food trailer with a mission to provide free food and training to families in need!

We did it!

On 29th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £2,281 with 100 supporters in 35 days

Vood Bar is a thriving vegan street food catering van based in Cornwall and we specialise in catering for weddings, events and private functions. We serve delicious hot foods, cakes, treats, soft drinks and we also turn into a cocktail bar at request. We try our best to buy local where ever possible and we always offer a gluten free option when we are at events.

'Best street food I have ever had. Satay wraps, followed by a delicious chocolate and raspberry cake and the most amazing chocolate and cherry pot. Whole family loved your food. Good luck, you guys are fabulous, the South West needs you' 

Lucia Cook

Vood Bar was founded by me, Danielle Clancy. I previously worked with children and I came across poverty on a regular basis. I got to see what it was like living in poverty and I know the challenges it brings. I witnessed families without food, children who never ate fruit or vegetables, parents in tears because they had another bill to pay that they couldn't afford, parents who lost their jobs and went onto losing their homes...

In the last eight years we have seen a massive increase in the use of Food Banks throughout the UK, particularly in the South West. In 2009 there were 25,899 people who required an emergency three day supply of food increasing to 1,109,309 by 2016. That's a staggering 42 times more! Credit - Food & Cornwall 

At Vood Bar, we try our very best to help our community by donating left over foods to shelters and refuges and we give food to people who are homeless when the opportunities arise. But we want to do more!

We aim to create the Vood Box, a large catering trailer which will be permanently placed in one of our towns in Cornwall and opened daily for people to enjoy our delicious vegan food. It will provide the community with the following:

  • We will run a buy one give one programme where any customer can buy a meal of their own and give an extra £3 which we will match to fund a meal for someone in need. We will therefore be putting in 50% towards a meal every time a customer does. We aim to provide at least 3500 meals a year through this programme.
  • We will act as a sign post to provide information to support with common challenges like homelessness and unemployment. We will point people in the right direction so they are able to access the support they need.
  • We will also run four charity events a year from the Vood Box where the proceeds will go to different local animal charities. This will help to feed animals, pay for medical care and help towards training pets to prepare them for adoption.
  • We will offer people living in poverty the chance to spend time in the Vood Box where we will train them in customer services, basic cookery skills, kitchen safety and how to eat healthily on a budget. This will increase confidence, teach them about how to eat a more balanced diet, increase knowledge in cooking, improve social skills, give them a sense of achievement and improve employability skills.
  • The Vood Box will create two new exciting job opportunities initially for our community where we will provide full training. This will increase as we grow.
  • If we reach our stretch targets then we will run regular workshops and masterclasses where we will teach people how to bake yummy cakes.  Will be also be aiming to go into schools and do talks to inspire young people around making a difference. 

Through our programme, we aim to change the lives of people living in poverty. We will be reducing hunger in Cornwall, offering children healthy meals and we will be giving families a sense of hope!

Crowdfunding is important to us because this project will not happen without your help! The money raised through Crowdfunder will enable us to initially start the project. Here is a diagram to show you how the money will be spent.

If we reach our target, we will start working on this project right away. We aim to buy a trailer before Christmas and work on making it super special over the winter. We aim to have the Vood Box up and running by April 2018. 

Vood Bar has some amazing rewards for you to enjoy. Some of our rewards include baking masterclasses, wedding catering packages, come dine with Vood dinner parties, tickets to our Indian feast night and the chance to have your name or logo printed on the Vood Box.

If you have any questions about our rewards, please feel free to contact us on voodbar@gmail.com. 

Let's do this!!! 

£10 - A Free Meal to Someone in Need 

Thank you so much for your pledge. You have made someones day really special! 

£15 - Pay It Forward 

When the Vood Box is open you'll get a meal of your choice and so will someone living in poverty.

£20 - Meal for Two

Come and enjoy a meal for two at the Vood Box once its open. This will also fund a meal for someone in need.

£25 - Ticket to our Launch Party 

We will be hosting a launch party when the Vood Box is open where we will have a live band and you'll get a free meal to celebrate with us on the night.

£35 - Ticket to our Indian Feast Night 

You can enjoy a three course meal at our Indian Feast Night which will take place next summer. But you'll need to be quick, we only have 30 tickets available.

£50 - Large 18 Piece Cake 

SPECIAL OFFER! Treat someone (or yourself ;) to a large 18 piece cake. You can pick a flavour of your choice and it can come gift wrapped with a message attached at your request. The perfect Christmas present! You can have your cake to order at any requested time after the campaign has finished. Choice of cakes are Blueberry, Chocolate & Raspberry, Mint Chocolate, Lemon Drizzle, Pineapple & Coconut, Cherry & Almond and Black Forest

£50 - Pure Giving!

Choose this option for a chance to donate without receiving a reward - For those of you who have a generous gene. You amazing people will be personally thanked on our Facebook page.

£60 - Cake Baking Masterclass

You can enjoy a cake baking masterclass with Miss Vood. Learn some of her top tips, find out her secret recipes and make a cake to take home.

£100 - Parent & Child Baking Workshop

You and your child can take part in this exciting baking workshop where you can spend time together and enjoy creating a bake to take home.

£200 - Come Dine with Vood!

Sit back and relax while we cook you and your three friends a three course meal in your home. Please let us know of any dietary requirements upon booking. 

£500 - Private Booking

Book us for your private function! We will provide 50 portions of Street Food and your guests will have a choice of two options to choose from. If you have a specific date in mind, please email us before you buy and we can check our availability first to avoid disappointment.

£1000 - 500 Free Meals to People in Need

WOW!  You have just fed 500 hungry people who are not able to feed themselves. You are absolutely amazing! To show our appreciation, your name will be carved into our 'Pay It Forward' display board which will be placed on the Vood Box wall for people to see everyday. You will also receive a public thank you on our Facebook page.

£1200 - Wedding Catering for 50 Guests

£1500 - Wedding Catering for 80 Guests

£1700 - Wedding Catering for 100 Guests

£2200 - Wedding Catering for 150 Guests

SPECIAL OFFER! Are you currently planning a wedding in Cornwall or Devon and looking for a wedding caterer? We can provide Street Food catering with a choice of two delicious options and a variety of cakes for your guests to choose from. If you would like to add to these packages, please contact us at voodbar@gmail.com and we will be able to assist you with your request.


£2000 - Size 21cm X 30cm

£3500 - Size 30cm X 42cm

£5000 - Size 42cm X 60cm

We are currently offering you the chance to sponsor our project and in return your full name or business logo (sizes above) will be printed on the outside of the Vood Box under the heading 'These Sponsors Made This Project Happen'. This is an amazing opportunity to back a community project while also marketing to thousands of people. Please contact us at voodbar@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like more information regarding sponsorship.

What are your Street Food options?

We offer a varied range of Street Food options but our most popular choices are:

  • 'Cheese Burger' served with Fries and Salad
  • Indian Box - Potato & Chickpea Curry with a Pakora, Samosa, Onion Bhaji and Popadoms
  • Chicken-less Satay Wrap with Fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries Loaded with Mega Bean Chilli
  • Cajun Mushroom Burger with 'Cheese' and Fries

What do you offer for Weddings?

We have five different offerings for weddings. Please note that our wedding packages listed in our rewards section is specifically for Street Food and Cakes. However, you can add to these packages if you wish by emailing us at voodbar@gmail.com and we will be able to assist you. Here are our five offerings:

  • Street Food
  • Cakes
  • Buffet
  • Cocktail Bar
  • BBQ Experience

How do I book the right date for my private booking/wedding?

In order to ensure we have availability on the specific date you are wanting to book us, please email us at voodbar@gmail.com and we can confirm your date with you before your purchase to avoid disappointment.

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