Volunteering with SB Overseas

by Sophia Jouahri in 

Volunteering with SB Overseas
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To raise money for the children of Shatila

by Sophia Jouahri in

So my plans have changed, unfortunately I’m not going to able to work as a volunteer teacher with SB Overseas due to my newly extended commitment to arabic classes taking over. However, having visited the school in Beirut it is very clear to me the school is in desperate need of the most basic supplies: paper, pens, books, teaching props and anything else that can help engage the children and create a positive environment. 

The school prepares the refugee children for their entry tests into the Lebanese public education systemWithout access to public education, they risk missing out on an education permanently, and becoming a “lost generation”. Basically they are doing incredible work and we can really help! 

For anyone skeptical about giving money to charity... My idea is to raise as much money as humanly possible, and with the help of the centre to establish what is really needed for the children, I will then use the money raised to purchase supplies for the school. So, as you can see, 100% of the money raised here is going DIRECTLY to the cause. No administrative costs, no PR campaigns to pay for, no bull shit. Money you give = money straight to the children of Shatila. 

If this sounds like something you could get on board with any contribution is greatly appreciated :) 

Let's make 'Volunteering with SB Overseas' happen