Volunteering to support children living in poverty

Volunteering to support children living in poverty

I will be volunteering in Fiji to work with children living in poverty.

We did it!

On 8th May 2017 we successfully raised £50 with 2 supporters in 21 days

Next summer I’ll be joining a Student Volunteer Project to work with children in some of the poorest rural villages of Fiji.

Why Fiji?
•         Many people are not aware that over 1/3 of children in rural Fiji live below the poverty line. 
•         Schools in remote areas of Fiji have a severe lack of teachers and teaching resources and many families struggle to meet their daily needs.
•         A cyclone, which took place in Fiji in February left over 200 schools damaged or destroyed entirely, and without any teaching resources and communities have lost their farms and sustainable livelihoods.
•         Over 75% of children currently do not have access to fresh water or proper sanitation..

Why I wish to contribute:

•         Hearing about the needs of the children in Fiji and the great work of the Think Pacific foundation to address these needs,  I have a huge desire to assist and feel I can make a difference on this project both by volunteering and using my summer to teach and deliver youth programmes.  

•         I also wish to assist by helping to raise awareness and raise vital funds for a small charity which is  on the ground in remote areas providing resources for children, making a sustainable difference and helping to re-build communities and schools devastated by February’s cyclone.

•         I have a desire to challenge myself and my skills and abilities -  to take on an experience that will be testing, cultural diverse and put me out of my comfort zone as I live at the heart of a Fijian village and see how people live in more fragile and remote environments.

What will I be doing?
•         I’ll be volunteering with Fijian Charity Think Pacific Foundation, who are in partnership with the Fijian Ministries of Education, Youth and Sports and Health.

•         They support thousands of Fijian children living in the poorest and most vulnerable areas. 

•         They run kindergarten programmes, improve children’s literacy, increase access to fresher water, sanitation and access to health, build schools and use sport as a means to increase children’s social skills, confidence and self-esteem.

•         They are recognized as a key partner for the Fijian Government in their task to provide opportunities for future generations of children living in the remotes villages and islands, and they achieve this through delivering university volunteer projects.

•         Our aim for next summer is to spend one month living at the heart of a Fijian village as we deliver basic education lessons, create an early years programme and introduce sport for the first time to uplift children. We’ll be aiming to increase literary rates by at least 40% and provide fun and engaging activities for children who have been through so much during last years’ cyclone.

My Fundraising Target:
•         I have already managed to raise some money for this project (a massive thank you to everyone who has donated so far.) I am now aiming to raise £300 which goes to the Think Pacific Foundation. 

•         PLEASE NOTE: I will be funding all of my own flights/ insurance / injections and travel myself to get to Fiji

•         Your kind support will help me achieve my target to volunteer with the charity and take part in training so we can deliver the project aims really effectively.  

•         Over 1/3 of the money I raise will be used directly to provide long term support to children, from purchasing books, stationary and school resources to sports equipment and helping the charity fund teacher training for locals, and achieving building projects in areas most badly impact by the cyclone.

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