Volunteering abroad

Volunteering abroad

During my gap year in 2 years, I am planning on volunteering abroad in Peru and Romania...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello, I'm Lisa and I am currently 16  years old, soon 17. Something I've always wanted to do and had a passion for is helping others in need whether they are human or animals, which is why I have set up this page.

During my gap year in 2 years, I am planning on doing something I have been waiting for a long time- volunteering abroad. To begin with, I would like to  help in a children's care home in Romania and to partake in a rainforest conservation project in Peru, specifically in the Taricaya Ecological Reserve and hopefully in many other locations in the future. Of course, to go abroad I need to have as much money as possible to cover the costs of visas, vaccinations, transport etc which is difficult to save at the moment because I am a full-time student. Any money that is left over will be used to provide the communities with more supplies or it will be given to a local organisation.

So please, if you can, any amount will help greatly and is extremely appreciated and please share on your social media!

Help me help others. Thank you!