Volunteer visit to Calais

Volunteer visit to Calais

Volunteering at the refugee camp at Calais in March. Creation of a film telling the stories of individuals staying at the camp

We did it!

On 2nd Mar 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

 Hi everyone, 

I'm planning to spend a week in March volunteering at the refugee camp at Calais. I've signed up to help build shelters and distribute aid. A week won't change the world but hopefully it'll go towards make the camp a cleaner and safer place to be

While volunteering I hope to film the experience, speaking to the people there and ultimately share their stories. I haven't seen an unbiased account of the people at Calais (or other camps like it) yet. The people there, who have travelled thousands of miles to reach safety, are too often depicted as an incovenience. They deserve a voice

I have a videographer friend editing the footage for free in support of the cause. 

Your contributions will go towards accomodation at the site for a week, staying in a local hostel which is discounted for volunteers. Additional funds will go towards the project and supplies for the population of the camp. I am self funding all travel and additional costs.


If you have any supplies which can go to the camp, please get in touch. Any contribution will be warmly received. The following are particularly needed at the moment:

Small / Medium mens jeans, tracksuit bottoms, tshirts, hoodies, new ,waterproof coatsSmall / Medium womens as aboveSturdy walking boots size 39 - 43 (men and women's)


You have a thanks from the bottom of my heart for any contributions and messages of support in any way,



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