UK needs a structured voluntary Civil Defence

by Colin Harmsworth in Kents Hill, England, United Kingdom

UK needs a structured voluntary Civil Defence


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We are looking to raise £35,000 to enable us to support the many volunteers currently risking themselves in support of their communities.

by Colin Harmsworth in Kents Hill, England, United Kingdom

The Country needs a structured voluntary Civil Defence network, help us bring it back!

Our purpose is to provide a credible and disciplined body of civilian volunteers in order to offer aid and support to the emergency services, civil authorities and agencies, and other voluntary organisations in times of need, including adverse weather, disasters and terrorist occurrence……... , in order to fulfil the aim of the protection of life and property.

The Legacy of uncertain times.

We have been working on developing the Corps for a few years, and yet our biggest stumbling block has simply been money.  Yet, we have kept going, continuing to build an organisation fit to call itself Civil Defence.  Our model is different from other organisations, and is structured to work from small community teams, up to towns and cities, then up to regions and finally Nationally.  The concept is very much based on the heritage of the original Civil Defence Corps but brought up to date to suit the modern Society. 

We are a charity, but we do not sit easily within the social charity pigeonholes, and people have forgotten, or have never learned, what Civil Defence (CD) actually is.  The irony is that as a Country we were the first to set up CD and the first to get rid of it. 

I have the utmost respect for the volunteers working hard to support their neighbours and communities now, but after all the work I have done, I am concerned about safeguarding for them, and those they wish to help, and the unfortunately much needed insurance.  This may sound sour in the face good hearted people genuinely wanting to help, to be honest the people I will be looking for to be a part of the Corps.  I sincerely hope everything stays well for them, but they are leaving themselves and others at risk.  With my whole heart, I wish them the best and grateful they are doing something.   

We are looking to raise money not just to support the current crisis, but to provide a legacy by building and maintaining a National Civil Defence organisation across the Country.  With funding, we would look to help and support the individuals who have chosen to do something, and as things progress, to provide Civil Defence training to ensure those involved build skills and abilities that will continue to support communities in the future throughout the Country’s recovery and beyond.

The heart and soul of voluntary Civil Defence is based on the premise “For the people, by the people”, and was the mantra that saw 1.9 million Civil Defence volunteers during the Second World War.

Principles the Corps is based on:

1.    Our concept of ‘ONE PEOPLE’, regardless of the labels Society chooses to place on people and groups.

2.    Our expectation that inclusion and integration throughout all communities is the way forward.

3.    Our desire to make each community self-reliant and capable of supporting itself. 

4.    Our belief that there is a place for everyone wishing to be a part of the Corps.

5.    Our belief in Cooperation and Coordination, not Competition and Ignorance.

6.    Our concept of ‘Bondship’ is at the heart of the Corps.

What will the money be used for?

1.    Uniforms and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).  This is so people can be recognised easily and have the appropriate protective clothing.

2.    Insurance to protect against liabilities (Public and Employers Liability Insurance (under the circumstances, volunteers are counted as employees)).

3.    Training

4.    Fuel and vehicle usage costs – volunteers shouldn’t have to pay to undertake their work.

5.    Structuring to ensure volunteers are safeguarded, as well as those who need help.

6.    ID Cards.

7.    Administrative costs to make it all work.

Why us?

This is good question:  We already care about our Country and the communities that make it up – we started this sometime ago as mentioned – it is only money that has stopped us.  Many of us have served in either the military or emergency services.  We all maintain the sense of service to our country, but this is not limited to those who have served in a force.  One of our key principles is to be open to all – we all have a part to play.  People just need to have the heart to be a part of it.

Please help us make a difference, now and for the future.

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£20 or more

Attend a JCAC activities event. These will be events specifically run for our Companions. They'll include team building tasks and tests to make you think.

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£30 or more

Attend a special Companions’ Training Day. These will be designed to match one of our Operational Branches - Communications, Guardians, Water Search and Rescue, First Aid, and Auxiliary Fire.

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£50 or more

Name one your local Rally Points after yourself, as a sign of our appreciation. Details will be discussed in due time.

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