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Help activists in Latin America make their voices heard

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For decades, Latin Americans have created innovative ways to make positive changes in the world.

We went in search of the people and the voices making change happen in Latin America.

Ana Paula Oliveira (left) and Fatima Pinho, Movimento Mães de Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Voices of Latin America 

“I’m convinced that the people who know their rights, their roles, are the people who win."  Betty Quispe, women’s rights campaigner, Bolivia.                                                         

“We’re trying to challenge the idea that trans individuals are born in the wrong body.  That’s not the case.  They’re born in the wrong society.  A society that discriminates.”  Jimena Norambuena Huenulao, transgender rights activist, Chile.    

“Only those who have lost someone to this violence know what it means when you say, or when you shout out in a crowd or at a protest, “Our dead have a voice.”  This means they haven’t been silenced.  For all that they tried to silence them, they couldn’t. I always say that.  Even when there’s just one mother by herself, crying out, shouting, she speaks for thousands like her.” – Ana Paula Oliveira, Movimento Mães de Manguinhos, activist against police violence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Help grassroots activists in Latin America get their voices heard

Las Hormigas, San Miguelito, Honduras

 The project

Voices of Latin America will be a book sharing the stories and amplifying the voices of frontline campaigners.  Our team of 16 volunteers has collected over 60 interviews from 13 different countries. Voices is more than a book though.  We want to build a website where voices can be shared into the future and where you can connect with the people in Latin America who believe other worlds are possible.

Why it's important

For many Latin Americans, life remains a struggle.  Violence and inequality, environmental destruction and media repression, discrimination and poverty are all part of daily life.  Yet the positive struggles to make life better - for individuals, communities and society at large - continue.

Edgardo Fernández Sesma (centre), Queer Tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Across the region diverse grassroots social movements are flourishing. Student activists, environmental groups, LGBTQ campaigners, victims of state violence, independent journalists, graffiti artists and indigenous communities are filling the void left by conventional party politics. But their voices are rarely heard in the mainstream media.

 Who we are

We are volunteers at the Latin America Bureau (LAB), a registered charity (No: 1113039) and nonprofit publisher that provides independent news and analysis about the region's people, politics and society.

Based in London, LAB has over 40 years of experience covering Latin America’s struggles for social justice, and has published more than 150 books. 

Why we are crowdfunding

We are a charity with no office or paid staff.  We need your support to put the book together, complete our project and share the stories of these social movements. Voices of Latin America is our most ambitious publication to date - and that’s why we need your support.  Our volunteers have already achieved an enormous amount: collecting testimonies, transcribing, translating, creating videos and podcasts, writing articles and blog posts. But to bring all this work to fruition we need to invest in publishing on paper and online.

The support we need

We need to raise £16,000 to finish translating, editing and producing the Voices of Latin America book and website.

Your donation will support/help fund:

  • Editing and translating the testimonies collected by volunteers
  • Adding photos to the book
  • Adding audio and video to the Voices website
  • Running the website so Voices can reach out beyond Latin America.

Voices is for

  • Anyone with an interest in Latin America or who plans to travel there
  • Researchers, journalists, academics, NGOs and businesses working on and in the region
  • Campaigners and members of social movements everywhere who want to learn from the Latin American experience
  • Students embarking on an undergraduate degree or master's in politics, development, Latin American Studies, social anthropology or gender
  • Social movements and activists across Latin America so they can show and share their work.

Please donate to the project and, if you have one more minute, click the link below and tell us how we can spread the word further. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/FXSK5XM

With your help, Voices of Latin America will be published by LAB and Practical Action Publishing in March 2018            

Thank you!

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