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Printing and distribution of a Voices from Savannah which is already produced. All proceeds go towards helping the conservation message .

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I have been lucky enough to travel extensively across East Africa, over the last twenty five years, in my work as a photojournalist covering a range of wildlife and conservation stories. It has been a privilege to meet many hardworking and determined individuals who have dedicated their lives  to help protect and preserve this important ecosystem and the wildlife it contains. In a discussion with one such individual, Constantine Coucoulis, founding Chairman of Saving Africa’s Nature (SANA), I was given " a job to do ". To communicate to others with my photographs and the words of those that work so tirelessly in the field about the desperate plight of the wildlife and the habitat they live in. 

From this idea the book Voices from the Savannah was produced please read on to find out more.


This sponsorship has paid for the design and distribution of the book to the following locations.

Zoological Society of London Library. UK.

The Jane Goodall Institute. USA.

The Four Seasons Serengeti Discovery Centre.Tanzania.

Saadani River Lodge and Saadani Beach lodge. Tanzania.

The David Sheldrick Trust Visitors centre. Kenya.

Giraffe Manor. Nairobi. Kenya.

The Environmental centre for the African People and Wildlife fund visitors centre. Tanzania.

Southern Tanzania Elephant Program. Tanzania.

Jane Goodall Institute. Tanzania.

Speos Photographic Institute. France and UK.

The Big Life Foundation. Kenya.

Olive and Thyme Restaurant.UK.

Leeds University Library. UK.

University of Dar Es Salaam. Tanzania.

The aim now is to print more copies and distribute the  book to Universities and other educational establishments throughout East Africa . In addition for display copies to be placed in lodges, visitor centres, and embassies throughout East Africa and beyond. All proceeds from book sales are used to aid further printing and book distribution. 

A message about "Voices from the Savannah"  from  the Former President 2005 to 2015 of The United Republic of Tanzania

"This book is among a few that complement existing efforts to combat poaching and wildlife trafficking. Strengthening law enforcement among wildlife management institutions, increasing capacity of local communities to manage wildlife and raising awareness to local and international communities are some of the ways to combat poaching that the book is amplifying.

The Government of Tanzania cogitates this book as a tool that could be used to create awareness to local and international communities on how poaching could devastate the astounding gift that God has granted Africans"

Hon Dr Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete

Why I put this book together and what I hope it can help to achieve with your support.

The Savannah and forests of sub-Saharan Africa, together with their wildlife, are perhaps the most iconic of all the world’s great eco-systems. Whether it be the sheer size and strength of the African bull elephant, or the majesty of the lion, few cultures have escaped the influence of this ancient expanse of nature and its inhabitants. It is perhaps then all the more difficult to comprehend that today this wildlife and the continued existence of this ecosystem which supports it are under a threat unparalleled in its history.  East Africa, at the heartland of this ecosystem, must hold the key for this wildlife to survive. However, the pressure from man, coming from varied directions, mean that within a few short years iconic species may face local or complete extinction in the wild. Once lost it is hard to see how this situation could be reversed leaving a collective guilt that  humans would have to bear for their own remaining existence. The answers to avert this impending disaster are not simple or easy but surely humanity has an obligation to safeguard this wildlife as to oversee its demise will leave a permanent shame upon our existing generation and its predecessors.

The book contains the separate voices of some of the individuals who work and strive to prevent the destruction of the Wildlife of East Africa. They operate in different fields and have different levels of involvement but all have the common goal of helping to preserve the wildlife and hopefully begin to reverse the damage already done.

If we can support them in anyway we have a duty to do so. Placing this book in as many educational and visitor locations will help inform both tourists and locals alike to see how they can help, through the various organisations listed within its pages, to work together to achieve their common aim.

Thank you for taking the time to read my page and thank you in advance for any pledge or donation you can make. Every £1 raised will go towards printing and distribution of the book.

To learn more about the book and see the press coverage please view these links . BBC World Service , The Daily Telegraph , The Daily Mail .

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