Voices Around The World

Youngsters world-wide joining together in making an international song release to raise money for other youngsters in needy situations.

We did it!

On 10th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

 Record-breaking facts about Voices Around The World

  • Thousands of young people from 50+ countries around the World joining together on an international song release!
  • Includes students from war-torn areas such as Nigeria, Ukraine, Syria, Israel joining together in song!
  • Nearly 8,000 voices on the most recent international recording release of 'Listen To Us!' https://youtu.be/8CDpCHAL2HI
  • Proceeeds from sales used to help children in Tanzania get a better education.
  • This Year's song/project 'Lighting Up The Flame' is linked to the Rio 2016 Olympics. The song will be released in July 2016 in time for the lighting of the Olympic torch flame.

Voices Around The World is a project that links up young students around the World through music at the same time as involving them in raising funds for other young people in needy situations. The project works through providing a song each year that students learn. They submit their vocal recordings and we mix this onto the final release of the song/video. In the summer of 2011, we were working on some great music and drama with the students and staff at Otjikondo School in Namibia. Everyone had a great time - especially the students, so when we were packing to leave it felt like we should be doing something together to keep the music going! We had recorded the students singing lots of local traditional songs. We had the idea that it would be really interesting to get some students in a school in UK to learn some of the songs and then we could blend African and UK students' voices on the final mix. We started work on this back in the UK and I am not sure who first said...'Why only two schools when we could be doing this with many schools?' The main idea for the project was born! Next we had to find a great song, and the pop legend Howard Jones kindly offered to let us use his amazing song 'Building Our Own future'. With the great support from our partner organisations, we got schools around the World involved, giving them free access to MP3 downloads of all the choir resources needed. Around 6 months later the first Voices Around The World global recording was released and suddenly 2000+ youngsters who had participated became 'mini popstars!.After the initial success in releasing 'Building Our Own Future' we decided to continue and Howard again came forward with another amazing song -  'Unshakeable.' This was released in 2013-14, breaking records with nearly 4000 voices from 42 countries joining in the release! In 2015 'Listen To Us!' was released with nearly 5000 voices from 48 countries. Funds raised by sales of the music are now directed at helping the children in Njombe, Tanzania get a better education. 

Most of the work done by our very small team is unpaid. We need crowdfunding support to help sustain and expand what we do.

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