Vocals for Aspiring Music Producer

Vocals for Aspiring Music Producer

To raise enough to pay for a singer/songwriter to create vocals for the dance music I create

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have always had a very keen interest in music and want to make music my full time job, rather than pushing pieces of paper around for a company. So, after many years, I have decided to work hard at the weekends to create dance music that I enjoy. But, as much as I do enjoy the tracks I am making and sharing via Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer etc, there is something missing ... vocals.

I have sourced singer/songwriters through a website called soundbetter.com and would love to have the funds to employ them to add lyrics to my songs. I have tried hard to find local talent to work with on a sharing of proceeds basis, but without luck.

Everyone I know says that the music I create is good and there are a couple of my friends who have been passing on my details to DJ's that they know. No response yet, but I feel that lyrics would really spark it off. Any proceeds would re-invested, I just need a leg up to start.

If you want to help, and contributions are gratefully received. Should it take off, I would love to support other young producers and help them reach their dreams. Thank you