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VixT - Video mashup from text

New communication app VixT is designed to automatically convert texts into visual montages or mashups.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £165 with 3 supporters in 95 days

The story of VixT: An Uber-driver in London had a great app idea, started chatting about it with his passengers. One of them just happened to be a tech finance guy who became interested, and a PR professional also handed over his business card… That was enough to encourage this Uber-entrepreneur to go for it. A year later - here we are: A team of 5 guys created an algorithm called VixT. 7cc42ce8f361ed946d71738d918a1fd4.pngVixT is a free mobile application allowing users or brands to create text messages (or any text) automatically converted to fun short videos.  (Demo here) We make money from in-app purchases and licensing. VixT is also ready to be a bot.  OUR PRODUCT & TECHNOLOGY : VixT automatically converts text on your phone into video montages and perfects human communication. When users type words, our technology analyses thousands of videos in our library to generate a video montage. This short video can be sent privately or shared online. Our library constantly grows by the uploaded videos (created by the users and approved/controlled by our company)  The library already includes more than 5000 words in many versions.  Users or brands can create their own library, connect each other in groups, or just use random videos from the global video stock. Our API allows out of the box integration with famous messengers and social platforms.     MARKET: Mobile video accounted for 55% of global mobile data (projected 72% by 2019) while 17% of mobile users use/watch video. Mobile usage for messaging and social app grows 103%/year.  REVENUE MODEL: VixT has a number of planned stages with different revenue models for each:1. Purchasable themes. Adding extra customisations for users 2. Product placements. Brands will be able to pay place their content as VixT words 3. Licensing. Content creators will be able to sell their themes on the VixT platform 4. Boosted posts on the MashPool global feed. GO TO MARKET STRATEGY: Alongside all the classic marketing activities, you will soon hear more about our community events designed for visually creative people. Also We will hack our growth by taking Twitter public profiles, and automatically generate videos out of user’s tweets then post a tweet mentioning the user. We will target users via Facebook, Twitter,  install ads, we will allow users to share their videos on social media or send that to others, we will launch full PR publicity targeting technology and lifestyle blogs and portals. User retention: We have several upcoming additional features,… Ask for our detailed strategy and assumptions.    VISION: Vixting will become the new human communication worldwide. The constantly growing Vixt library will be the source to many other services all around the world. VixT will be the absolute video messaging app an the platform for all the enrichment on other messaging applications. VALUE PROPOSITION: Product: Vixt allows sharing, dramatization, brand demonstration. It is free, easy to use, fast and mobile. Real communication, among real people, with real content. CONTENT: Crowdsourced content. Supported and revised by manual content production Technology: Social engagement, advertising as a product, API out of the box connected to other platforms. TEAM: Experienced professionals in entertainment & startups with a track record. 

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