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To give specialist vitamins to children in Scottish Primary schools. Poverty, causes children to lack nutrients essential for development.

by Revitalize the Children in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Our vision is for healthy Scottish children who will fulfil their potential.  Because poverty is causing lack of vital nutrients for the development of brain and body, children have problems with learning and behaviour.   A passion to overcome the effects of poverty, has compelled us to put a lifetime of study, knowledge and work together into a condensed programme. This is to give primary school children specialist vitamins, Omega oils and techniques to empower them.   These specialist vitamins and minerals are gluten, dairy, sugar, chemical free; organic; Halal and Kosher approved and have no fillers or binders. In short...perfect for all children. We aim to create a centre for regeneration, which will teach our programme and help to fulfil any needs which arise in the programme.

*     Dr Ian Menzies did the pioneering research on chemical and additives causing learning and    behavioural problems in children.  (1960's) 

*     Scientific studies have found a relationship between lack of essential nutrients and childhood obesity.              (1990's) 

*     Scientific studies  highlight the potential importance of the relationship between poor quality of diet and mental health early in the life span. (2014) 

Lack of essential vitamins leads to under achievement, low self esteem, emotional problems and poor health.  Poor health in parents and children leads to a loss of talent.  Instead of fulfilling their potential, lives are wasted in a cycle of poor health and underachievement.   This means a loss to Scotland and the wider world, of Scientists, doctors, engineers, IT specialists, entrepreneurs, sports persons musicians, artists etc.  

Scots are a people kept in poverty.  1 in 4 families rely on food banks.   This is intolerable in a country rich in resources.   

Our food and drinks are unique.  Our children are unique.  Scotland, with a small population has given the world, the best Scientists etc.                                                                                             What talent is here, now, waiting to unfold and reach fulfilment for the good all?  We must not waste this talent.

I am Isabel a highly qualified therapist of 30+ years. I also have years of experience business. My basic plan for health is to implement a nutrition-based approach alternative to drugs, where possible.  I have reduced the amount of drugs my clients were taking  eg...

      Type 2 diabetes given a plan for natural alternatives to some of the drugs prescribed.                               Improved the health of type 1 diabetes client with natural supplements and stress reduction.                   Improved the health of a client with very high blood-pressure, reducing her drugs with natural                       alternatives.  Within one week she was looking and feeling better, and bloating reduced.                     Another client was taking 12 prescription drugs. Within 6 weeks of following my plan for her health,                she was taking 3 drugs and had shed weight.

I was also privileged to therapeutically work with a lady who had suffered from post-natal depression for years and was obsessed with the thought that her only son would die if he went out.  He didn't visit her because of this.  With our work together, she overcame her obsession, set up her easel and within a year, had an exhibition in a prestigious gallery.  She re-connected with her son and when he said "Mum I love you", her joy was unbounded.  A life renewed. 

I have, with my years of many qualifications and knowledge, put together an effective plan for health and empowerment which I have implemented over many years.   I have also almost completed a book about my journey, to encourage others to overcome hindrances and barriers in their live

 I am Samantha BSc. Nutrition.  I have been severely dyslexic all of my life.  I couldn't read or write until I was 10 years old.  Despite this, with the help of Isabel, my mother and our knowledge of food sensitivities, I have studied and obtained university degrees.   My dissertation for BSc. Nutrition was on Chemicals causing developmental and behavioural problems in children, which includes ADHD.

When my daughter Stephi was born lactose, and sucrose intolerant, gluten sensitive, no one could help her so she suffered for years from multiple food sensitivities.  Exasperated, I enrolled at university, studied for and obtained BSc Nutrition to help my child and others.  I had never been taught science at school, so we have proved that it is possible with knowledge and help that one can overcome hindrances.  Stephi at 21 years in well, has developed normally, is highly intelligent and creative because of my work and knowledge.   I assist my mother, Isabel in working out the best plan for a client's health using my knowledge of a natural, nutrition based approach to health.

 1 We will give specialist vitamins free to primary school children. 

2  We will teach a programme of techniques, life-skills and nutrition to empower children, teachers, parents and others.

3  We will create an eco-friendly centre where all is recycled, and no resources are wasted.               People, animals and the countryside will be regenerated and jobs created.

4  We will create a centre in Scotland, your ancestral home and heartland. One which you can identify with, visit and where you will be welcomed to share in the ethos of the centre. A true home is love which empowers and enables one to reach one's full potential. 

Our vision needs money initially, to fund it. We can fund it once it is up and running. We are contributing our own resources and skills to teach and regenerate Scottish people, then on to others.  The centre will have space for teaching our programme, cooking facilities, outdoor space and much more. 

This is not for self aggrandisement. We have everything that we need for our lives. We also have the skills, knowledge and expertise to create and make a successful business.

My sincere thanks to my children and friends who have encouraged me, and to Dr Ian Menzies, who inspired me, for his pioneering work on sensitivities causing behavioural problems in children.

My sincere thank to Dr Alasdair C. Whyte and Ross Whyte, "Whytenoise" for their music..."Aleinn Duinn"  Alasdair singing is, to me, the soul of the Scottish people.  I hope it touches your soul to remember who you are.            

Whitenoise.co.uk...…….f: whytetheband

My sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to our vision of Scotland, a beacon of light, hope and a people regenerated.


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