The Vision Film project

Reimagining a powerful poem that has inspired hundreds of thousands to a deeper, more active, radical, prayerful Christian faith.

We did it!

On 28th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £23,465 of £20,000 target with 270 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped us make our goal! We’re so grateful for the huge crowd of individuals who have rallied behind us and we’re so excited to make this project a reality. 

Any additional funds raised will:

  • Give us more time in the filming studio so that our finished Vision Film is even greater than we planned! 
  • Help us to promote the Vision Film further and wider all over the world.
  • Further support the team who will invest time and energy into making the Vision Film. 

“And he is the original dreamer, the ultimate winner. Guaranteed.” - Extract from the Vision Poem 

Introducing: The Vision Film Project 

“The Vision is Jesus. Dangerously, obsessively, undeniably Jesus…”

We want to inspire a new generation to a deeper, more radical, active and prayer-reliant Christian faith by creating a visual representation of a poem - a call to arms - that originally inspired hundreds of thousands of people across the world more than a decade ago.

We want to create a video of Pete Greig’s Vision Poem.

Originally graffitied onto the very first prayer room wall by Pete Greig in 1999, the Vision Poem went out-of-control viral; appearing everywhere from Scandinavian drum and bass tracks to underground church publications in China. It also kickstarted the 24-7 Prayer movement all over the globe.

“It described everything I ever wanted in my life…*”

As well as inspiring individuals; this groundbreaking call to arms still embodies the heart of 24-7 Prayer today, and it is our aim to release it to a new generation through the medium of film. By working alongside some of the most exciting young filmmakers in the world, we’ll seek to inspire another generation to pursue an active, progressive faith through this still-revolutionary call to arms.

“For the first time, Christianity was being described in a way that resonated perfectly with my search*”

The Plan 

The final video will be launched at the 24-7 Prayer Conference in Geneva this October, but after that - it’ll be available online, available for all to watch and to share. Available in both a short 2 minute version and a full length cut, these videos will exist purely to bless and inspire those who watch them.

The Team

24-7 Prayer will be working alongside Birch: a team of incredible young filmmakers based in London, England. The film will be produced over the course of Summer 2016.

The Budget

The £20,000 will be split between team costs for Birch and 24-7 Prayer over the course of the filmmaking process: from the people to studio space and equipment.

Part of the money raised will also go back into the crowdfunding process, with a small cut going to Crowdfunder, as well as payment fees and costs around rewards. 

For a detailed budgetary breakdown, please contact  

Additional funds raised through The Vision Poem project may also be used to support creative 24-7 Prayer projects.

We will make our best effort to provide the rewards outlined in each category, but delivery is not guaranteed.

*Quotes as recorded in 'The Vision & The Vow' (2004) by Pete Greig

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