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You did it! 

Our crowd funding campaign is complete and thanks to you we have exceeded our target!

Thank you to everyone. We appreciate your support and have been encouraged by the sacrifices you have made to be with us on this journey.

The money raised has enabled us to launch. Specifically it has provided the capital we need to fund a number of initial costs to launch Visible as a business:

            - Expand the visible team

            - Build relationships with a number of potential suppliers

            - Place a purchase order for our first product line, the reward t-shirts

            - Pay for the crowd funding campaign costs and credit card fees

We are excited about the first t-shirts being made and anticipate a production process of four weeks, after which they will be shipped from India. We will keep you updated on the production through: (launching Friday), our Facebook page (, and our Twitter feed (@whomademy).

Twitter and Facebook are changing the names of these pages in the coming weeks to Visible Clothing. You don't need to do anything when the name changes and you will continue to get our information if you follow us! We will also be sending email updates which you can unsubscribe from if you choose.

We really value your support and hope you’ll continue to support our work. Visible will take off  if we have champions who are spreading the word and encouraging more people to buy in line with their values. launches on Friday!

Thank you!

Andy and Andy


113% with 19 hours remaining!

Final 19 hours of the campaign! We have placed the purchase order for the inaugural t-shirts with CAOS. I met with Anjali Schiavina - Founder and MD - in London yesterday. She is over here inspiring brands on fairness. It was humbling and inspiring to hear about lives being impacted for good through the work of clothing production. 

Last push - still time for people to jump on the campaign train and get a t-shirt! 



Thank you! We did it - thanks to your support 100% of the campaign goal has been reached.
So, this is really happening.  We are officially launching a new company this week and your t-shirts will be made.  
Busy week ahead  - looking forward to sharing more over the next few days.
Still time for people to join the campaign so don't hold back from getting on board!

4 days to go...

We are almost there - 97% of our target reached!
Thank you to each of our backers so far.
We will be launching the new website this week and will be doing a daily countdown ahead of the roll out.
We really appreciate your support so far. Please encourage your friends and family to pledge and receive Visible's very first t-shirts.
If you want to join the party there is still time. Help us finish the campaign with a bang!

End of week 2...

This is becoming a reality.
We are 75% of the way there and continue to appreciate all your support.
The latest round of samples have been made, received, and checked. 
We are really impressed as we learn more about the impact of our first production partner. We can't wait to share more.
Thanks for your continued support. Help us to keep the momentum going...
samples picture

End of week 1...


Last week we launched our new clothing company, Visible. We really appreciate everything you have pledged, and all that you have put out there on social media. Thank you for getting us to 59% in our first week!

We are flat out behind the scenes getting things ready for when we reach the £10,000 target!

Please help us to keep the momentum going...


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