VISCOUS - Harvey Wood

VISCOUS - Harvey Wood

We are raising funds for the dance video "VISCOUS". It's a video highlighting animal rights and empowerment in a metaphorical way

We did it!

On 22nd Oct 2017 we successfully raised £230 with 11 supporters in 56 days


concept video I have been dreaming of making for almost a year. I am a graduate from a Performing arts school with a passion for fashion, makeup and dance. I have been choreographing and organising the project for the past 10 months. The dance video will highlight the effects of animal tested makeup, also furs and skins used in clothing today. The word "VISCOUS" in this case meaning covered in thick blood.  I am hoping with this video I can catch the attention of fashion brands around the world using creative choreography, amazing costume and astounding makeup to put my point across. I am also hoping this project will allow me to futher my career in choreography so I can spread my message to a further audience. Im very passionate about cruelty free products, I believe with this dance concept video I can spread awareness.

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