Virus Appeal!! Virus kills 3% isolation kills 20%

by judit joseph in London, England, United Kingdom

Virus Appeal!! Virus kills 3% isolation kills 20%


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To provide for sick families or vulnerable families in lockdown, the most needed essentials. To enable for the sick not to fall in despair,

by judit joseph in London, England, United Kingdom

Your friends your neighbours are in isolation. Disadvantaged families are in lockdown, every family with a condition is in lockdown, how do they need to survive! Imagine a nursing mother. or a mother 8 months in pregnancy. or a family with a sick kid, the NHS   told them to isolate with their kids,

They are not the only ones, if your kid gets a fiver. That is for every mother the worst time. That is when every mother calls for help but not now, imagine three children under five, and two of them are sick with fiver, what if I tell you that we know more than in one location even the father is in bed with fiver, the government tells them go in  lockdown.

Imagine a sick parent. The whole day with sick toddlers in a small flat. For 4 weeks, that is 28 days, every day 14 whole hours. That is 3 hundred and ninety two hours!!

I am telling you: you can’t even grasp the situation.

How can they survive? Oh! I forgot without pay! Please save them! At least they give them something to keep the children busy they desperately need some arts and crafts, they also let’s say: need to be alive, they need fruit and veg. they need emergency some essentials. Some need desperately pampers, the teens need tampons, and we are not talking about some extras. Some lipstick, these families need the simple things to be able to live. This is not a happy living, but they need to be alive. We do not want an epidemic of the mentally ill. We do not want in 4 weeks all these mothers on medication!

We have volunteers waiting to bring supplies. we just need urgent support to tackle the mental pandemic.

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