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To provide meaningful, useful information;. Provide confidence and capacity building and Provide a link to volunteer opportunities.

by deafscotland in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

The two year pilot project has three aims:
1. To provide meaningful, useful information across culture, heritage and health/well-being in a fully accessible way. The aim is to have a minimum of 90 exhibits in the first year. One for each birthday year.

2. Provide confidence and capacity building for a target number of 90 deaf people, across the four pillars of deafness, through volunteering activities. Again celebrating the birthday achievement and involving others.

3. Provide a link to digital/technology development and pathways to more mainstream volunteering opportunities in culture, heritage and health settings..

Should it prove successful, we would want to build on it for the future. We can already see strong connections with culture and heritage activity however see links with health, well-being activity and social enterprise too. We believe the pilot may provide a raft of relevant information to assist a changed approach to our work, fill gaps and transform opportunities and communications in the mainstream.

To provide meaningful and useful information in an accessible way.

Digital is the future and our deaf young people are much more engaged with technology that the older adults who missed telephony due to its barriers. Smart technology provides untapped opportunities for learning and development. Our project can have direct benefit imparting accurate information but indirectly it also supports better use of technology.

Provide confidence and capacity building for deaf people through volunteering activities

Currently there are limited opportunities to volunteer due to the higher costs of communication support and the current lack of budgets to support communication easing. We hope to demonstrate new ways to participate using technology, hardware & software to provide new ways to volunteer and to provide different options: posting exhibits, translating information, presenting to camera/filming and curation of information too. Training will cover standard issues such as data protection and confidentiality as well as specific elements to support the virtual development.

Provide a link to digital/technology development and culture and heritage offers.

A number of culture and heritage organisations are members of deafscotland. Currently there are only three deaf volunteers known in any of the major facilities. We hope to create better networking, collaborative and partnership links between facilities and create pathways towards volunteering in mainstream facilities.
The Glasgow Museums for example has a BSL tour examining the museums rich heritage from a Sign language user perspective. We hope to encourage access and integration in Sign Language and in English, reaching across the pillars of deafness towards a significantly wider audience current excluded. So fully accessible means translated into BSL, film needs subtitles and preferably voice over. Items need plain text options for reading technology and utilising the digital world give access and opportunity for people to get involved in ways we have yet to imagine.

Key achievements of deafscotland so far include the development of Scotland wide adult mental health services for deaf people, the creation of "contactSCOTLAND-BSL" access service with NHS 24 and the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015 with the Cross Party Group on Deafness.

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