Vintage Years Group

Vintage Years Group

The Group provides activities and meals for members that are from communities that are disadvantage and over 50 plus.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is a new project that is in the process of applying for CIC status.  The idea was put together by local entreperneur Caterer and ex Travel Agent Claudia Yap who felt that there was a need especially for people that is over that could be retired or is at the risk of isolation.  There is two areas that planned group would like to focus on would be to host once or twice a week sessions in a community hall or church.  We would encourage communities to have a say in where they want to go such as activities, places of visits.  The group had organised a previous 2 day weekend trip to Pontins catering for the over 50+ which they thoroughly enjoyed.   .

The purpose of crowdfunding for this project would be to hire a Community Hall and to have volunteers to help run in the preparation of Afternoon Teas and to organise  Vintage Fairs and entertainment that relates to that era.  A  space would also be available for customers that wants to attend our day trips out, theatre, mystery trips so that we  bookings can be taken.

Another area that we have identified is a need for provision of Caribbean meals to their homes.  We feel that although there is a few companies that is offering a service the menus are not that varied and feels that this needs to be improved greatly  as the commitment from a Chef would help to improve the menus tailored for Caribbean elders.  We have sourced a kitchen which has been approved by the local food standard agency which we opt to use this approximately 2 days per week to start with, we also have access to refridgerated transport so that the food can be transported safely to the users.

The intial costs would be to find a ideal Community Hall and to purchase crockery and kitchen utensils, printing of stationery  and leaflets to promote to members.  We would target day centres, agencies and Care Organisations to promote our services.  

We plan to use volunteers from Birmingham Voluntary Services as and required.  As the project develops we would reinvest in a Community Minibus for the purpose for users that is at the risk of isolation or disadvantage.  We plan to get youth involvement, this could mean participating in the activities and to get better understanding  of the needs for the ageing population.