Vincent's Education for Nepal

Vincent's Education for Nepal

Help improving: -child-centered education -Healthcare -Women's empowerment to keep them away from sex trafficking.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Dear Reader,

I've had the immense honour to take part onto the VSO - Voluntary Service Overseas programme to contribute to a real, long-term social change within rural communities all across the world. 

This fundraising campaign is about supporting of all VSO funded projects, which benefit around 2 million people every year. By donating to my page you are not paying for just one placement, you are supporting all of VSO’s vital work, enabling them to continue to change the world through the power of volunteering.

In July I will depart for Baglung, Nepal where I am supporting local teachers in improving their education system.                                          VSO education programme in Nepal focuses on increasing:                                              -School enrolment                                                                                            .  -retention and participation of children who are marginalised from the education system such as vulnerable girls, children with disabilities and Dalit (marginalised caste) children.                                                               - -Quality learning outcomes by providing child-friendly basic education which delivers quality learning outcomes not only contributes to children’s later potential, but directly correlates to their increased employability, health, entrepreneurialism, resilience and lower vulnerability.

CHALLENGES I'm doing to fundraise money:

-Organising an art, theatre event.
-Cycling from London - Paris - London.
-Cooking Italian/Nepalese food.
-Making Faux-leather handmade books, notebooks, laptop cases, postcards and art installation on canvas.

Check out pictures on the link above. You can also donate through buying my Art. 

I will keep you updated with all the activities I'm doing to fundraise.

I leave you with an incredible quote written by Nelson Mandela:

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."


Vincent Frattini