Let's Make Hertsmere Zero Waste

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Project by Vishal & Mitali Jain

Let's Make Hertsmere Zero Waste

Vishal & Mitali Jain profile

Project by Vishal & Mitali Jain


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Making sustainable living easy and fun for you by opening Hertsmere's first organic, package-free grocery store on Watling Street, Radlett.

New stretch target

The additional funds will help us invest in a local green-energy delivery service/electric van. We will aim to recruit delivery staff locally and will help us develop our loop delivery service model.





1614594947_vimi_about.pngNamaste and welcome. We are Vishal and Mitali, and it is our life’s mission to be able to reduce our collective carbon and plastic-footprint on the planet. We started Vimi in March 2018 as a plastic-free market stall selling 200+ plastic-free products that were easy replacements for everyday household and living items. We want to be enablers within our community to make low-waste living easy, accessible and fun. We have set our goal to open Hertsmere's first organic package-free grocery store on Watling Street, Radlett. We are keen to bring this brick-and-mortar store to life and 1614593970_vimi_rewards_button.pnghave the drive and passion to bring the benefits of zero-waste living to you all.

We have invested a lot of our own time and money and have our premises in place, now we need your support to convert it into a beautiful store to serve the community.



Across the UK over 230+ zero-waste stores are making it easier for society to adopt a natural, sustainable and healthy lifestyle by reducing our waste and ditching plastic. With the new Vimi store, we hope to enable this lifestyle for residents of Hertsmere and nationwide, including Radlett, Shenley, Aldenham, Borehamwood and Elstree.

A switch to this lifestyle will not only contribute to secure a thriving planet for future generations but also make our present lives more enriching. We can collectively consume consciously, collectively waste less and collectively make a difference. And in doing so also spend less and save more.

Vimi Organic Package-Free Refill Store hopes to be able to encourage the whole community to adopt the R's of sustainable living. We will do all it takes to support each one of you, every step of the way.


We will be adopting a sustainable model to ensure your shopping experience is good for you, good for the community and good for the planet.

1615137571_1615137571041.pngREFILL: motivate customers to bring their own jars and containers

1615094444_1615094443681.pngORGANIC: promote healthy eating, free-from chemicals and GMOs

1615137195_1615137194337.pngCOMPOSTABLE & BIODEGRADABLE: offer online deliveries in home-compostable plant-based packaging

DONATE-A-JA1615137284_1615137283626.pngR: motivate customers to donate unused jars for other customers to use

1615094525_1615094524169.pngPAPERLESS: reduce waste by offering e-receipts and cashless payments

1615137451_1615137449771.pngSUPPLIER LOOP DELIVERY: bulk buy from suppliers in containers that are returned, cleaned and reused for future deliveries

1615137499_1615137497983.pngENERGY EFFICIENT: monitor energy consumption and partner with carbon-neutral delivery providers

1615094911_1615094910872.pngUPCYCLED: source upcycled materials and pre-loved furniture to fit-out the store

1615098521_1615098520105.pngPURPOSE-LED & ETHICAL: ensure our suppliers are purpose-led and products are sourced ethically

1615099169_1615099168369.pngEDUCATION:  offer events and make-your-own facilities to promote sustainable living


THE PLASTIC PROBLEM1606252516_vimi-crowdfynder_quote.png

Plastic is everywhere. It has made its way into the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. And it is not good for us, nor good for the planet.


The problem is further aggravated by the fast-paced, use-and-throw consumer culture affecting how food is grown, processed, delivered and consumed.

Pesticides are causing chemicals to enter our food chain and single-use non-compostable waste is piling up in our landfills. Our diets have been impacted by seasonal foods being available all year round from all over the world, thereby adding to more air miles and more pollution.




We are all in. We have invested our time, talent and treasure to this mission. We now need your financial support to catapult us into the next stage. Your support over the next six weeks will go a long way, and you will be able to enjoy our 1:1 rewards too.

We have successfully secured a store space for this dream project and need your support to raise funds to fit-out the store:





We are so full of gratitude for all your support. We cannot say it enough, so will say it again, and again - Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are now definitely going to be able to complete the fit-out and open the doors of the store to the world. However, we are not stopping there just yet. We know home deliveries are something a lot of our plastic-free customers would be interested in. And so we decided to use any extra funds to buy an electric van to make local deliveries possible.


We believe you won't find a more rewarding experience than supporting our campaign. You can donate as many times as you like, and reward yourself with as many rewards you like. Rewards start at £10 and go up to £5,000.


We don't just say we have the world's best rewards, we actually mean it! Which is why when you purchase a reward of £100 or more, we will present you with the full value of the reward back in vouchers to use instore or online. This is what we call 'doing well by doing good' and it is a win-win situation for all of us. You get to support our cause and we get to say thank you by offering you vouchers to come shop with us.

Donors from out of the UK can also contribute to the campaign. For the value of your donation we will donate food from our store to a UK-based free-meal charity.



The booster will be applied to all supporters who have contributed more than £50 and to any new supporters making contributions of £50 or more.



You will find your most common questions answered in the 'Updates' tab on this page. We have added an FAQ section there, including details on our product list and store sections available for adoption.



Your support will mean the world to us. Every pound donated will help us get one step closer to a sustainable community, one that is good for ourselves and good for the planet.

1615309421_14.png1. Donate and contribute to the campaign, as little or as much as you like.

1615309463_15.png2. Offer a gift-in-kind to our donors. Specially if you are a local business, our donors would love a free meal, spa, hair cut or massage. Or anything that you feel would be valuable to them.

1615309482_16.png3. Volunteer and fundraise for us. We'll give you all the support and training and get you set up to help raise fund for us. Help us achieve our goal and learn important soft skills along the way.

1615309520_17.png4. Share on social media. Every post you share will amplify our voice and help us reach thousands more. Share the joy of doing something meaningful with your contacts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Clubhouse and more...



Finally, A BIG ENORMOUS THANK YOU for making it here, taking time out to hear our story, and becoming a part of it by supporting it with your generosity. We'd love to hear from you, so please reach out to us if you have any feedback or questions at [email protected].

We also take this opportunity to thank Vishal K Jain of Viewfindr Films, Neoma Jain of Beyond the Walls, Lee Barnett of LeeB Productions, Chloe Fagence, Pooja Jain and Yashraj Jain of Brand PoSh and many of our friends and family who have been an incredible support in helping us create this campaign over the last couple of months. Their contribution to ensure we can spread the message far and wide has been invaluable.


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