Vigilante - Short Film

Vigilante - Short Film

A short film highlighting the world of 'vigilante's' who hunt and bait young LGBT people for sport.

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On 19th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £75 of £50 target with 6 supporters in 28 days

My name is Isaac Bell, I am an aspiring LGBT student  film maker, I wish to become an advocate for those who are too oppressed to speak and too scared of what the consequences will be if they are discovered. I wish to give voices to those who have been silenced, eyes to those who are willing to learn and open their eyes past what they assume to be right. The world is a peculiar and diverse place with so many places to draw inspiration from and in my films I want to uncover as much of it as possible.

Vigilante is a film I am working on for the second year of my degree in Media (Film) Production at Staffordshire University. I aim to highlight the issues the LGBT community facing in places like Russia and several countries in Africa where young LGBT people are being hunted and baited by people who call themselves 'vigilante's', they are then publicly humiliated and that humilationis then posted onto the internet. 

Horrible things like this happen all over the world and even though in my home country of the United Kingdom; being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered is largely accepted, there is so much hate in other countries that people in todays society do not have a clue about and this film I am going to make will aim to inform and shock the public into trying to do something about it. 


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