Victoria Percival ALW Green Party Boston& Skegness

by victoria.percival in Boston

Victoria Percival ALW Green Party Boston& Skegness
We did it
On 21st May 2017 we successfully raised £270 with 9 supporters in 14 days

I can be the alw & Green party voice in this election. I can not do that without funds. It costs £500 to be a candidate and £700 leaflets

by victoria.percival in Boston

Hello and thank you for taking a look at my crowd funder amongst the thousands out there. Everyone is passionate about their reasons to stand in this election and I am no different. So why might you donate your hard earned money to my crowdfunder?

Well some may know Boston & Skegness has been in the news. When I say in the news, it has been dragged through the mud to sell newspapers. In my opinion this has caused massive damage to my beautiful corner of the world. It also caught the eye of those who want to divide our communities and naturally this has encouraged the press to follow the story. I know there are people in Boston & Skegness who care about it deeply and don't want to see all the mud slinging and hate.

I am willing, with your help, to stand up for what matters, including the issue of low wages, lack of social housing and the importance of building bridges within our communties. As a proud ALW I want to empower others in Boston & Skegness to join us. Boston needs equality and hope.
As a Green party candidate I will of course be standing up for all our Green party ethics but particularly plan to ensure that climate change is given clear attention, especially as it is liable to have an increasingly powerful effect on Boston & Skegness. It is worrying that we are the only party concerned enough to be talking about it.
I shall be working with all Lincolnshire Green Party Candidates, like Fiona McKenna, to ensure that our waterways, wildlife and eco systems are protected, and like Ben Loryman, a hospital Doctor who understands first hand how the NHS needs to be funded to make it work better. Vicky Pearson & I shall be standing up for feminism and equality and making sure those who suffer domestic abuse have a safe place to go, whilst Dan Wiltshire and I plan to be fighting for workers rights in the factories across Boston and Spalding.

I am so excited that we have such amazing candidates standing across the whole county of Lincolnshire, but I need your help. Will you donate and stand up with me for a fairer, Greener Lincolnshire.


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