Trapped Person Search Equipment

by RAPID-International in Hardwicke, England, United Kingdom


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The RAPID disaster response team desperately needs to replace old and well used trapped person location device.

by RAPID-International in Hardwicke, England, United Kingdom

RAPID is a registered charity manned solely by volunteers from all walks of life, emergency services, engineers, ex services etc. RAPID is one of the most experienced search and rescue teams in the world having responded to the majority of major disasters overseas and previously supporting emergency services in the UK during the floods in Yorkshire and Gloucestershire as well as building collapses. 

The RAPID volunteers undergo an arduous training program ready to respond overseas or in the UK, the team is on stand-by 24/7 to support countries that are either overwhelmed by a major disaster or require assistance in a specific search and rescue role.

Over the past decades our RAPID personnel have rescued dozens of victims who have suffered from disaster whether it earthquake, floods or other natural or man-made disaster. One crucial item of equipment that is used to locate victims buried beneath rubble following an earthquake is the Vibraphone Trapped Person Locator, which RAPID has used to great effect locating and rescuing many people including young children. Like any equipment especially technical equipment there comes a time that it needs to be replaced therefore we need to raise funds to replace the old with the latest technology to give trapped victims the best possible chance of being located and rescued. 


Let's make 'Trapped Person Search Equipment' happen