VibrantHealth 17 Summit

VibrantHealth 17 Summit

A two day summit which aims to co design innovations in community health and wellbeing with participants

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This two day appreciative inquiry summit hosted by the England Centre for Practice Development, is based on principles of active participation and empowerment. The summit will provide creative opportunities for participants to co-design sustainable solutions to some of the health and wellbeing challenges we face today by pooling people’s experiences, creativity, ideas and resources, defining key challenges and opportunities and connecting people to co-create a blue print for change in our local communities.

It will focus on celebrating innovation from the Outside In (community innovation) and Inside Out (health care system).

Some of the key features of the summit:

Learning from vibrant stories of wellbeing projects that work
Live lab workshops to design solutions together
Speakers corner
Festival of ideas celebrating innovative projects and ideas
Graphic Facilitation with live pledge and graffiti wall
Evening drinks reception with live music
#TwitterDisco raising funds for UK Sepsis Trust, Cavell Nurses Trust and British Lung Foundation
Speakers include*:

Cormac Russell - MD for Nurture Development, ABCD Institute @cormacrussell
Julian Stodd and the SeaSalt Learning Team @julianstodd

CarolLRead - Clinical Innovation Manager, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
Claire Tomkinson - Wellbeing Development Lead, Manchester Community Central
Gill Phillips - WhoseShoes? With the #CovMindtheGap team @whoseshoes
Liz Atkin - Visual Artist #CompulsiveCharcoal @lizatkin
FocusGames @FocusGames
Global Village Midwives @GlobalVillageMw
Global Village Radicals @GlobalVRadicals
Global Village Mental Health @|GlobalVillageMH
Tanya Humphreys - Macmillan Services Programme Manager, North West @tanya_humphreys
International Fellows of the England Centre for Practice Development #IFECPD
Jenny Clark - Skin to Skin Midwife Campaigner @JennytheM

NHS Horizons team
Roy Lilley - Health Commentator and Writer @Roylilley
Professor Becky Malby - Health Systems Innovation, London South Bank University @beckymalby
Dr Terri Porrett @FabNHSStuff
Jeremy Scrivens - Appreciative Futurist @jeremyscrivens
Professor Minesh Kashu - Consultant Neonatologist & Professor of Perinatal Health, Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Health as a social movement advocate @mkrettiwt
Debbie Sorkin - National Director of Systems Leadership, the Leadership Centre @Debbiesorkin2
#WhyWeDoResearch campaign team
#WeNurses team
World Health Innovation Summit Team
*Speakers are subject to confirmation

Who should come along?

Patient leaders
Health professionals (public and private sector)
Social care providers
Business leaders
Housing development and residential planners
Policy makers
Social entrepreneurs and innovators
Voluntary and community workers

Artists, architects and designers
University academics and leaders
Digital technology and social media experts
Public health
For more information about the Summit, please visit the ECPD blog