Help ensure the biggest youth turnout ever!

by Vote For Your Future (VFYF) in United Kingdom

We did it
On 12th December 2019 we successfully raised £16,393 with 143 supporters in 84 days

Fix the registration crisis in the UK.

by Vote For Your Future (VFYF) in United Kingdom

New stretch target

With a £10 donation, we can remind 4000 young people to register to vote.


We are Vote For Your Future and we are getting every single young person registered to vote before the general election. We have already run a highly successful campaign ahead of this year’s EU elections, but now we are increasing our activities ahead of the December general election.

It is estimated that one third of young people in the UK are missing from the electoral register. That is a democratic crisis. Come the 12th December, millions of young people are currently set to wake up and, whether they like it or not, be unable to vote.

This has to change.


We are running the biggest digital campaign for registration in history, targeting young people across the country through social media. Ahead of the EU elections, we were able to work with influencers such as Gary Lineker and Kiera Knightley in order to reach as many people as possible.

We are also working with hundreds of educational establishments and are organising events all over the UK.

Help us get every young person registered to vote before the registration deadline.


With a general election now upon us, we are massively stepping up our campaign to ensure that young people actually make a difference to the result.

With a £10 donation, we can remind 4000 young people to register to vote.

With your help we can:

  • Launch the largest ever digital campaign to promote youth registration
  • Organise hustings events for young people across the UK and supply essential materials to schools, colleges and universities to get students registered to vote
  • Advocate improved registration systems in educational institutions and hold those to account where action is lacking 

This general election will be one of the most important in a generation. 

If you share our conviction that young people need to be heard, please consider donating to our campaign, and share this video on social media so as many people see it as possible.

Thank you.

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