Vexed Theatre - New Production

Vexed Theatre - New Production

To be able to tour our original show, Whispers, to a multitude of venues so the enticing thriller genre can be experienced by everyone.

We did it!

On 15th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £220 with 5 supporters in 28 days

Founded in 2016, Vexed Theatre is an innovative, forward thinking company specialising in thriller and suspense. The core team is made up of a tight- knit group of colleagues who have been working on the company and project since its birth. Bringing a layer a multimedia to the pieces of theatre, as well as elements of comedy and hard hitting 'spanner in the works' scenes we can only promise we are one company you will want to come back to see! It is so important for us to be able to get our name and our projects to as many venues across the UK as we possibly can, because not only have we worked so hard in getting this project up on its feet and into a selected number of theatres in the across the UK but there is a mountain of subtext throughout the play that highlights various characters battles with mental health, which is an incredibly important and well highlighted issue in the media at this current moment. The sysopsis of our play, Nexus: Whispers, is as follows-

After the unusual circumstances that surrounded their friend Lucas' death, five friends embark on a camping trip to commemorate a year anniversary of his passing. As the group drown their sorrows, tensions arise and secrets are spilled. The group try their best to look out for one another, but be warned. Something is looking out for them. 

It is something  definitely not to be missed!

We need your help to raise money to kickstart the production of our second play Nexus: Serum.  We aim to fuse cinematic elements with live stage to create a different medium of storytelling. This is to aid in getting a younger audience more interested and active within theatre.

Your money will help with the hiring of film crew, location hire and editing time of the filmic element of the play.

Any donations big or small are welcome as we appreciate every single penny donated to us. Help keep our vision of theatre alive whilst we continue to push boundaries and bring exicting new shows across the UK and Ireland.

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