Veterans Helping Veterans

by dean.charles.nugent in Drighlington, England, United Kingdom

Veterans Helping Veterans
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Help put a stop to veteran suicide, and support their families in their hours of need.

by dean.charles.nugent in Drighlington, England, United Kingdom

The number of troops and veterans seeking mental health treatment doubles in a decade and waiting lists get longer, and the suicide rate is on the up. last week alone I know of 6 yes 6 veterans take their lives, this is someones son/daughter husband/wife brother/sister and father/mother.


As a veteran and a supporter of many veterans with mental health issues and having my own, we at Battle Buddy UK understand the need for these veterans and their families, the short term doesn't cut it anymore. We need long-term peer support and care and that is where Battle Buddy UK aims to be at the top with its two veteran run estates and treatment centres.

The Focus will be first to help veterans and their families with a 24hr Emergency Mental Health First Aider team to be on call to react to situations on the end of the phone or in person, where the veterans are thinking of harming themselves or taking their life. The mental health first aiders being veterans themselves will be in a better place to talk to the veteran and contact with them on a level ground.

   Also, Community-based treatment will be set up. This is individual psychotherapy delivered in the client's local area. Tailored to their needs - for example, not all clients can tolerate therapy in designated rooms, so therapy is offered in conjunction with activities such as walking or outings. With the development of a treatment facility which encourages independence and peer support as well as incorporating psychological treatment, enabling veterans to recover in a safe environment.

The biggest advantage we will have is that we will be run by veterans and veterans will be helping other veterans in getting better and helping each other move forward in life and the workforce, along with getting help the retreat will be run as a business to employ veterans and help bring in needed funds to support the veterans and their families.

   Along with this, we will start a veterans startup program and mentorship with local business leaders to help the veterans in their business start ideas.

Dean ( Founder ) has a number of years in business and running his own Tiling company and as a fellow veteran's with his own struggles and have been to the same conflict zone's as many of the veterans we are aiming to help and support. Dean has under his belt two tours of Iraq one tour of Afghanistan, Kosovo and two years in North Ireland and after coming back from his first tour of Iraq had a his own issues with dealing with the images he had seen out there and was drinking a lot and keeping himself locked in his room over the weekends so not see anyone after a Five meetings with the Counselling service on base it believed that was it. Well it wasn't and till this day he still deals with his issues but uses helping others and running ultra marathons to help him recover, plus the support of his network is far greater now then back then in 2007.

   But he still believes there is more that can be done for veterans and blue lights services. 

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