Help Jessie Raise Funds Towards Vet School

Help Jessie Raise Funds Towards Vet School

To Raise Funds Towards My Degree in Veterinary Medicine

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have been offered a place on the Royal Veterinary College's 4-year accelerated programme. I am delighted to accept a place on this extremely competitive course, and can't wait to start in September!!

  • Vet School will span 4 years, and total costs will be upwards of £50,000
  • As I have already completed an undergraduate degree, I am not eligible for help with tuition fees from Student Finance
  • I am looking for support and sponsors to help fund the tuition fees associated with my degree

Growing up on a Devon smallholding, I have always enjoyed the great outdoors, developing an enthusiasm for animal care and veterinary science. My skills and attributes range from achieving bronze, silver and gold in the Duke of Edinburgh award, to being elected President of my university's Vet Society.

Recently I have undergone the rigorous process of applying to study Veterinary Medicine. From my four applications, I obtained four interviews, followed by four offers from the Universities of Bristol, Nottingham, Liverpool, and the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), London. I have accepted a place of the RVC’s 4-year accelerated course for graduates.

I am currently in my third and final year studying BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Science at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire. I achieved a mark of 88% in my dissertation - investigating the effects of mastitis on fertility in a commercial dairy herd - meaning I am on track to graduate with a first class honours this summer. This has made me a competitive candidate for veterinary medicine, and reinforced my dedication to becoming a vet.



Tuition Fees - I will have already completed an undergraduate degree, and will therefore be responsible for the full FIVE year's tuition fees associated with the veterinary medicine degree. For the academic year beginning September 2017, tuition fees are £9,250, and universities have advertised that fees with increase each subsequent year, in line with UK Government policy.

Living Expenses - rent, food, transport etc. - I may be able to apply for a maintenance loan from Student Finance England, while this is unlikely to cover the full expenses, it will help along the way.

EMS Placements - in addition to the course, I will also be required to undertake a minimum 38 weeks of extra-mural studies (EMS) over the 5 years (12 weeks pre-clinical and 26 weeks of clinical placements). EMS is undertaken outside of term time, these placements will be unpaid and time-consuming, leaving little time for summer jobs or part-time employment.

Estimated Costs (per year)

  • £9,250 tuition fees
  • £8-10,000 living costs (dependant on location/rent)
  • £2,000 for EMS placement associated costs, accommodation and travel (RVC recommend)
  • £500 equipment and books

How to Help

As you can see, the costs quickly stack up and the thought of finding sufficient funds is daunting. Please help by donating to my 'vet school fund' and contributing to the tuition fees associated with the degree.

It's a big task ahead of me, but I've got the potential to make an outstanding vet and the determination to excel in the veterinary profession.  

Jessie x

(If you would consider a more substantial contribution or sponsorship, I can offer you a set amount of voluntary work outside of term time and/or promotion of your business. I would want this to be a mutually beneficial agreement, and would happily meet to discuss it further. Email: