Vervet Monkey Sanctuary Internship

Vervet Monkey Sanctuary Internship

Living costs to help support me for a 12 month unpaid internship

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello all. 


So here is my story.....

I graduated from university this May and finaly after 3 years of hard work gained my degree in wildlife conservation.  I have decided to spend the next year working at the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa.  This is an unpaid position with the sole purpose to help rear and care for orphan and injured vervet monkeys. You can check out their website here

I am litteraly packing up my life and my dog to spend the next year living in a tent and eating beans to help this amazing organisation. In order to do this i need to save and raise as much money as possible to support myself. South Africa is not a rich country and the foundation relay on donations so cannot afford to pay for staff or vets. 

I am asking for your help and support to raise £500 so i can put this towards supporting myself and covering any emergancys or health costs. 


Thank you in advance!