Verstatelle - Convertible Clothing Solutions

by Daniella Liberato in London, England, United Kingdom

Verstatelle - Convertible Clothing Solutions


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To raise awareness behind fast-fashion consumerism and its impact on the environment while providing a solution

by Daniella Liberato in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi there,

I'm Daniella and I have an innate passion for applied creativity, I sometimes think I’m like one of those Chinese people as they’re always coming up with interesting ways to do things we took for granted. 

I’m an advocate in saving the environment, then I turned Vegan three years ago, I buy everything I can cruelty-free and have grown in a family business of fashionwear, I learned how to design and make patterns very early in life. Then, being involved in the industry for over 20 years now, I experienced the increase of very cheap clothing lines and after researching and to be honest, isn’t difficult to find stats on what’s going on with clothes once they are no longer worn; most of them are disposed of in landfills and the materials are not decomposable. A few shocking numbers are:

  • To make 1 cotton shirt is needed 2,700 liters of water. This is the same amount of water required for 1 person to drink for 2.5 years. 
  • The annual value of clothing discarded prematurely is of 400 billion dollars per year
  • 260 million child labourers working in the world, most of whom are in developing countries 
  • 2.5 billion pounds of clothing that end up in landfills every year


When I was an Air Hostess, I used to carry heavy luggage all day long as I never knew the place’s climate where I was flighting to. The idea of having clothes able to adapt to a variety of climate seemed interesting, then I started to elaborate styles with complex patterns in order to come up with designs able to convert themselves. I have now over 30 TRULY convertible styles which I would love to present to the female population. 

I want to follow this passion, and I truly believe I can help!  

In order to ensure this venture continues to deliver social impact and sustainability, the styles will only focus on versatility, functionality and sustainable materials. Bear in mind that the styles I’m developing aren’t based on subtle changes but truly convertible ones, with sleeves coming off, colours changing completely, skirts that turn into trousers and others. 

For the production, my focus will be to promote further apprenticeships and take part in the ever-evolving textile technology innovations which I’m sure is regularly expanding. This will be achieved by taking part in events, partnerships and who knows the sponsorship of future innovative ways to make garments.

For the production, I plan to develop an apprenticeship team of teenage girls where they will have the opportunity to learn a new skill while working. I have been teaching sewing as a freelance and I truly believe it is a valuable skill to possess and my vision is to encourage teenagers to see the value of clothing by the making of them as nowadays, we the big stores offering cheap garments, they become disposable and social media influencing consumerism, they often don’t see what is really going on behind the scenes when producing the items. 



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